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Friday, January 26, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane...............

Okay, so I'm a just "little bit" excited..lol Tomorrow is finally here! I have been looking forward for this day :-) I will be leaving on a jet plane around 11:30 am on my way to CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) to accompany Tinkering Ink. I'm really excited to hang with the Tinkering Ink family and help out at the booth all week. I look forward to getting to know these wonderfully creative people that I have had the honor of working with.

I think I'm all ready to go?!? Yikes! Will I forget something? I hope not.

And..... I'm always a last minute ,packer. I can never decide what to bring until the 11th hour..lol.

Well, right now it is Friday night 5:25 pm.
My suit case is sprawled out across my bed, being filled to the brim as I think of something else I am "sure" I "cannot" live without...(haha) Ehem..... It would save a lot of room if I wasn't bring my own pillow and blanket (it's only a small throw..lol). I've gotta have at least some of my home comforts :-) I have a great book for the flight called, "Living What You Love". I've started reading through a few pages and man-o-man it's so inspiring and thought provoking. So that will make some great reading material in route. Of course, I'll have to catch up on my favorite scrapbooking mags too!

All-in-all I am thrilled to hit the sky tomorrow.........and I know I will have lots to post about when I get back.

Have a VERY wonderful week!!!
PS: The layout below is another Tinkering Ink layut featuring the Covenant Garden Line. So pretty :-)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More new Tinkering Ink products

I'm thrilled to share a couple more of Tinkering Ink's new lines. These lines will be making their debut this month at CHA in Anehiem. Again, with these 2 lines, I love the rich mix of colors and beautiful patterns.

The first layout, "US" was inspired by the photo I captured of my husband and his family during a visit. I loved the way it captured the fun mood of the day.

Curiosity was created using papers from the "Gibson" line. I know it's pretty simple, but with that fun wavy pattern combined with the bright pic and colors, simple was my best option :)

"Say it's your birthday!" was inspired by my younger days. My parents had friends that were in bands and I remember that was the song they sang to me on my birthday and scared the heck out of me due to the loudness..haha. But, anyway that is what inspired the title. The pic is one I took of my sis-in-law on her 21st birthday. I used the Westminster line for this layout. Posted by Picasa

Well, CHA is just around the corner, and I am excited to be accompanying Tinkering Ink to help out. I am beyond excited! I can't wait to see all of the fun new products and maybe see some friendly faces.

I also have some sneak peaks up on my Junkitz blog. Sorry, as I'm not sure how to get the link to work directly or I would link you right up....so visit there if ya want ;) I am in love with their new products too. The Extreme Boy line that Teresa Collins has designed is uber cool! I love the hip designs with the sculls and cross bones. Perfect to fit boys these days. Janna Wilson has done it again with creating a elegant line of pretty flowers and gorgeous colors. So, you get the idea. Lots of cool new stuff. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the cool glittery chipboard and felt flowers. Fun stuff.

Enough teasing :) Have a wonderful week!