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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Up to my elbows in buttons......

Where-oh-where has Tessa gone..... lol.

I am still here, creating like a mad women and enjoying it each day more and more. Though, it's sad, I STILL have *nothing* to share as far as scrapbooking pages go. I sit down and go through photos and I've seriously scrapped almost every photo I have. I've mentioned this problem of mine to a few others and I get a blank stare, almost like they don't believe me. Yes, maam, I have 16 books filled with pages of my family, pets, me, and Steve and I pages. I've done it all. Time for new memories, I guess!

Aside from that, I am happy to report that my Etsy shop has been keeping me so busy with filling orders and creating custom orders and designs. I've been having a blast making buttons, felted flowers and frames each day....re-thinking designs and coming up with new ones. It has been such a fun journey.

Steve has been a big help with packing up orders for me when I have several in one day. It's quite the process and he is so sweet to be there to lend a hand if needed. He's definitely a keeper!

Aside from creating and packing up orders, Steve and I have been enjoying the warm summer weather here in Bend. We rented a River Lodge at Sunriver a few weekends ago and had a relaxing, enjoyable time watching the summer concert series in the village and sitting on the back deck of our lodge suite....me sipping wine and Steve beer of course soaking in the fresh air and gorgeous view! Oh, that's right I have some pics...here they are!

The suite was gorgeous and we had access to a private spa, that was large like a pool. Because it was already hot outside I only lasted a few minutes in there..lol

All in all, it was really nice to get away for the weekend. I guess I should stop complaining about no pics to scrap and put these to use! DUH ;)

Oh, yes we can't go anywhere without the laptop in tow. Steve checking weather and stocks and me, email and other things I can totally live a weekend without, but never do. Ah, cold and refreshing. It was so hot that weekend!

I almost forgot! The following weekend Steve and I got pretty ambitious and decided to change the color scheme of our home. If you remember previously we had a lot of red accents. I was SO tired of that and wanted fresher, more inspiring colors...something more soft. Here was my inspiration. These fabrics are by Heather Bailey. I fell in love with the lime green, white and aqua colors here and decided to base my downstairs living room and kitchen around this color scheme. We even painted our previously hickory (fugly in my opinion) table white and distressed the edges to give a cool-beachy feel. While Steve repainted the table and lamp bases, I sewed new pillows. I still need to make some more using these Heather Bailey fabrics. I want to load the sofas up with lush pillows with gorgeous fabrics and textures! We bought new lamp shades and new paintings. I have always loved the Van Gogh "Starry Night" painting and I found a nice print of it at Michael's. It was perfect! Oh, and we recovered the chairs with a new black and white flourish-like fabric that matched the lamps shades perfectly.

Here are some pics of what we have done so far......lots more decor to add and create!
As you can see, we changed out the drapes from a heavy red drapery to these white linen drapes. Ahh...I love it so much. It allows so much light and makes me feel like I am staying at the beach!

Here is some of the pillows I made all piled up on our love seat. Don't' worry I'm not keeping them all there..ha!

It is still a work in progress, but so much better than the heavy red we used to don. It will be great to break out again at Christmas time, but for now....breezy aqua and greens.

One last pic of my fav's I've created for my Etsy shop. A lot of them shown in the photos have sold, but I still love them!
Well, I better wrap this long-over due post up. Steve is introducing me to his co-workers tonight at the new bank where is now working. Gosh, I'm really nervous for some odd reason. Better go get dolled up!

Have a great week!
Tessa Ann