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Sunday, June 14, 2009

* We have been having some outrageous thunder and lightening storms here in Central Oregon for the last couple of weeks. While I long for the summer weather to make its presence, I really have enjoyed watching the lightening shows while I work from my studio window. Here is a pic I captured yesterday. I thought it was really cool how the blue skies where trying to break through those angry thunder clouds and provided just a wee-bit of sunshine in my window. So beautiful :)

*We enjoyed a nice visit this weekend with my family. My grandpa came to visit and oh, man...he is too cute. I adore that guy. My sis and her new beau came and stayed with us last night which was nice. I miss having her close :( But, she's loving the Salem area and if she's happy, I'm happy :D
*The button shop has been busy as usual with regular orders and custom orders. I've had such great customers who are so kind enough to share their creations with me when they use some buttons or other goodies I've created. I get a little giddy when I see them :) I guess it would be the feeling you would get as a "proud mom." hehe...my little tiny goodies that I made all from scratch in my tiny little studio..... are *truly* being enjoyed and inspiring crafters all over the world. That's pretty darn cool to me :) Who would have thought....buttons?
*I took some time out this week to design some new button collections. Sometimes regular orders keep me so busy creating that I don't carve out any time for NEW collections. New is always important. It's fun to break out my inspiration journal and review past ideas and put them to use. I had a customer request buttons to coordinate with some new scrapbooking paper lines she was working with and it was fun to use them as inspiration.
-"Bowl Full Of Cherries"

"Wonderful World"
-"Antique Rose"

-"Ebony & Ivory"

*Presentation to me is so very important when I send off an order to a customer. I want them to feel like they have received a little gift.....carefully prepared....JUST for them. I've tried many ways of packing my buttons and just recently have felt satisfied with my presentation.

*Thanks to a combination of awesome Etsy sellers, I have been able to find what I feel is a beautiful combination of colors and textures to present my buttons. I love to mix and match my papers, ribbons and trims in funky, fun color combos that match the buttons the customer ordered.

-I love mixing orange with anything. The pretty orange lace paper is vintage paper lace that I purchase from a lovely Etsy seller, Abohemianmarket.
-I'm really loving raspberry, turquoise and yellow together lately! Don't you just love those cute "Thank you for your order" stickers! Button of the month Subscribers.....I bought some special for your packages! :D I found these at www.bohtique.com

- And....my beloved Tiffany-blue and cranberry color combination. I love these colors SO much. So timeless.

-A Set of buttons all ready to ship, resting pretty in clear cello bags and adorned with my super cute logo thanks to Sugarelli....another really fantastic Etsy seller.
*Well, I better get back to work! These buttons have been flying out of my shop like hot cakes. (yay) Time to restock!
I hope everyone is well, and has a wonderful weekend!
:) Tessa Ann*