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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas was so wonderful! (photo heavy post..lol)

We all had such a wonderful Christmas. Being together as a family was so fun, we spent 2 days of laughing, baking, cooking and playing Wii together. Good times were indeed had those 2 days at Brasada Ranch. Great memories. I captured quite a few photos while I was there. The surroundings and our cabin was so GORGEOUS that I couldn't resist capturing so many spots around our cabin.

This is the view from the back deck of our cabin. The mountains you are viewing are called "The 3 Sisters." We had snow on Christmas eve, so the sky was overcast and grey. It was awesome to wake up to blue skies and this spectacular view.

Our cabin had 3 suites. This was the one that Steve and I had. Each suite was stunning and had the most gorgeous large wooden beds and the decor was so eloquent.

Another view of our room. I really loved the little sitting area between the 2 light-filled windows. I spent my last evening there sipping champagne and reading with the fire place. It was pure relaxation. I didn't want to leave the next morning :)

Another view from our room. You see the gas fireplace, the tv, and the desk area....of course I had to bring my laptop (I wanted to be able to continue to track my calories on sparkpeople.com and didn't want to miss a day and get off track).

This is the view of the great room from our suite doorway. So cozy and warm. I wanted to live there forever :)

We all brought some Christmas decorations to make it feel more like home and it really did add such a beautiful touch to the already rustic decor of the cabin.

We sat around the table for Christmas dinner, breakfast and playing trivial pursuit...which we gave up because it was about the 80's and all of us, with the exception of my parents were just little kids in the 80's..lol.

This is the wreath/swag that I made. I had a piece of garland left over from our stair case and decided to tie it together and and adhere some decorations to it to make it to a swag to hang from our door way. I love how it turned out...

Mom and Heidi decorated cookies Christmas eve. I was having too much fun playing Wii with my Dad and Aaron that I totally missed this activity. Luckily Steve picked up the camera and took some pics of them making these cookies.

And. Nope. I didn't eat even 1 of them :)

Baily layed in this spot 99% of the time we were there. Just kinda keeping an eye out on everyone. Yeah, he's pretty adorable. And. Yes....that's ribbon and bows in Christmas colors tied to his colar. My mom did that to both Rocky and Baily. Oh, yeah and they had santa hats (see below). Poor guys.

The snow was coming down pretty hard on Christmas eve. Dad and Steve decided to head out to the deck to sit in the hot tub and drink some local brews. You can see the snow falling (spots..lol) in the photo. Apparently the hot tub had changing colored lights and that is why there is the purple glow to the steam of the hot tub. The next night I served Heidi and Aaron pomegranate martini's while they enjoyed the hot tub.

Like every Christmas. We all get the santa hat shots.

We spent lots of time in the kitchen preparing meals and visiting.
I could tell mom and dad really enjoyed having us all together. It's rare when we all have time to spend as a family and the smile on their faces in this photo shows how happy they were. That makes me happy :)

We all enjoyed a long walk around the ranch following dinner and finished off the evening with more Wii playing.. Oh man, I really want one. They are SO MUCH fun. My parents even have Wii fit and that game alone was awesome. Gotta save for that!
Overall, our Christmas was a VERY memorable one. We are all tired from all the fun and excitement, but can't stop talking about the fun moments during our Christmas!
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday with your family. Now here's to Happy New Year!
Tessa Ann

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Hannukah!
Happy Yule!
Happy Kwanzaa!

Steve and I are heading up to spend tonight and Christmas at Brasada Ranch
with our family. We have rented a 3 suite cabin and all are going to spend this holiday season together! Steve and I have been excited for this day to come for a few months now. During the summer we went on the Tour Of Homes and came across these most gorgeous cabins. It is so surreal that we get to spend Christmas in one of them. We're talking l u x u r y and you KNOW how much I love that..haha!
We are going to have dinner at the lodge tonight at, "Blue Olive" and spend the evening, wrapping gifts, making holiday treats and playing my parents new Wii on the big screen plasma. And. Maybe a little karaoke? When ever my family gets together it is a given there is going to be karaoke..haha! Oh, yeah and definitely champagne!! I should have internet connection there, so I hope to post some pics here throughout our stay.
Good times to be had :)

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday, filled with laughter, joy and love!
*Tessa Ann*