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Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy Weekend everyone ;)

Is it just me? It feels odd that today is already Friday. I think that with 2 holidays in a row at the beginning of each week that I have lost track of what day it is.
Well obviously, Friday is always a good thing. Steve is always so busy during his work week and so worn out when he arrives home, that having the weekends to hang with him is always a good thing :)

I have been hitting the gym really hard this week and doing tons of cardio. It really feels good to have a routine again with my fitness. Although, I can bearly straighten my arms out from doing my upper body weights, it feels great to actually have sore muscles to complain about again. I've been cooking at home almost every night. I have totally impressed Steve with my cooking abilities. Hey, I didn't know I could cook a good meal either. I must have some of my beloved Grandma's cooking gene's after all.ha! I've been using www.allrecipes.com to get a lot of my recipes. It has been fun to try different variations of things I wouldn't normally even think of. It's nice that I can control what goes into our food, making it much healthier for the both of us....not to mention the $$ we save by not eating out so often.

I've been eyeing some papers and embellishments at my LSS by Prima and finally broke down and bought them. Last night I played and this is what I created :) The photo is of my sister and I just a few weekends ago. Heidi is totally my motivation to get this weight off. She has never been a big girl, but she recently lost a TON of weight by doing Weight Watchers. Just seeing her shrink to a nice size 4 I am totally inspired....oh, yeah that and the New Years day marathon of "The Biggest Loser" totally gave me the kick in the rear I so desperately needed/wanted. Uh, can I say...WISH ME LUCK---lots of it!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend!!!
Hugs, Tessa Ann Watte`

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My renovated scrap room and a new layout :)

Happy Wednesday (but, feels like Monday) everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful time on New Years Eve! The party I hosted for my family turned out fantastic. We had SO much fun, drank too much champagne and played guitar hero and a bit of karaoke. Those 2 games are guaranteed many laughs and boy did I have some great laughs that night! Dinner turned out wonderful and I was so proud to receive rave reviews. Overall.... it was a great night! I hope your eve was as well :)

As I mentioned in my last post I am extremely happy about *finally* re-doing my scrap room. I just love the color we painted it and how vibrant and inspiring it is. I still have lot of decorating to do, meaning the walls--as you can see they are a bit on the bare side..ha! I finally took some pics this afternoon (as the sun was setting, so not the best light for this gorgeous color) and would like to introduce you to my new little room of joy!

You may be wondering....uh, where's all of her stuff?! I have utilized the closet in this room to store and organize all of my stamps, chipboard, alphas, brads, paints, threads and on and on.....but, I just couldn't bring myself to taking pics of the closet area. While it is clean, neat and organized, I am using those hideous plastic drawer systems. Totally an eye sore and would ruin the pretty pics I took. Right?!? Ha!

In my last post I said that I had been going through a bit of "rut" creatively. I should have known that simply playing with some fresh-new products would solve this problem. My LSS got in the new Making Memories "Love Struck" line of papers and products and I just had to get some and play. Here is what I created using this oh-so-lovely line of papers and embellishments. I just *had* to add in my beloved aqua blue....as I totally love aqua with red and pink---- of course all of that combined with black and white polka dots.

I sat down last night with a glass of wine, my new Ipod cranked-up to some awesome tunes and started cutting paper until this is what I was satisfied with :)

Happy New Year!
Tessa Ann Watte`

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families! Steve and I had a wonderful Christmas. We spent the day at my parents house enjoying Christmas day with them. My mom bought my dad a PS2 for Christmas, so I bought him Guitar Hero to go along with it and oh, wow.....what a hit that was. We all took turns playing the guitar and had a blast. His PS2 also came with "Sing Star" and that was a pretty big hit as well. It was so funny how the game would tell you if you were good or awful as you were singing. I am a trained singer and I got quite a few "BAD" reviews....totally fun though :) The only bummer point that day was realizing my camera's battery was not charged and so I didn't get any photos :( Ah, man...I would have had some hilarious photos too. Ah shucks!

Tonight I am hosting a New Years Eve party at my house for my family. I will serve dinner, appetizers and of course drinks ;) I have requested that Dad bring the guitar hero game....so as you can imagine, good times will be had tonight! Oh, and there will definitely be photos!!

I have been taking a bit of a break scrapping. Sometimes we need do that for a bit right? Although I can't stay completely away from my scrapping-addiction, so this last week I totally re-vamped my scrap room. On Thursday, Steve and I spent the afternoon finally putting some color on my walls. I chose my favorite color..... "Tiffany-box" aqua-blue. I am making fun canvases to hang on the walls using some of my stamps and other mediums....lots of black and white and polka dots to go with it. I have also gone through EVERYTHING I have and ended up purging a lot of my stuff. I have a lot set aside to possibly sell on Ebay, but am not sure if that would be the right direction. Any ideas? Anyway....it feels really great to have my room totally organized and colorful. Just the way I like it. I'll be sure to take some pics to share. It's so pretty :)

Oh, and something else I am pretty excited about right now.... Steve and I both joined the gym. Since my whole training fiasco, I've not been working out as much. Um, and it shows. Not pretty. Anyway. Steve said he would be my partner at the gym and help motivate me. I really appreciate how sweet he is by going with me, doing cardio right next to me and encouraging me. For some reason I need that right now. I am just soooo not happy about the weight I've put on, so I am really going to do something about it. I only wish I wouldn't have let myself get this heavy. Ah, well... I am doing something to change that! Here's to a new body for Tessa!

In closing this ramble-session of a post, I am sharing my latest layout. This layout was created for the StylesTheWord blog. Our inspiration for December was Pam Callaghan. Pam has been one of my favorite scrappers since I started scrapbooking 3 years ago. I have had the opportunity to get to know her somewhat personally through a few phone calls and our design team positions together. I adore her style and it was awesome to give her "style" a whirl. January's inspiration is me. They are calling my style "Excellent and Eclectic." Pretty fitting don't you think? LOL!

And....here is my sketch for Crop Addict's January Manufacture Challenge where Piggy Tales is the featured manufacture. Please feel free to use this sketch if you wish :)

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful New Year. I wish for you a wonderful, heathly, prosporus year.