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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sleep deprived, Rude neighbors, Views, Mom's day and Scrappage.

Oh boy, I am beat. Exuse me if I am a little on the punchy side ;)
My eyes are heavy as I type this, so forgive all of the possible typos..lol.
It was one of those sleepless nights.....again.
I have been going through a spell of not being able to stay asleep and boy does it suck ;) I even resulted to taking a natural sleeping pill called, Melatonin and even that was a no go. 3 am rolls around and I am still tossing and turning...heart is racing--that's another annoying part of it...
Go figure though, around 6 am when I finally drifted off to dream land our most *considerate* neighbor decided to let his little Yorkie out to potty and SCREAM...that's right not bark, BUT SCREAM/BARK. This has been a routine for this neighbor lately and I totally came unglued and yelled out the window..... "DO YOU MIND?!?!? HAVE SOME CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS"!!!!! Ooops...bad me. Crazy lady yelling, slamming the window shut...{blush}
So...you guessed it.....another hour to fall asleep and then the phone rang an hour later. UGH, what gives???..lol.

I am totally taking a nap today.

Okay enough whining. Sorry guys!

We had a really nice weekend. Steve and I took a beautiful scenic drive around central Oregon, where we were reminded how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. We went through our list of things we were thankful for along our drive and it was nice to just reflect, visit and most of all be together. Throughout our drive we did find something quite odd . As we passed the rolling hills of lush green grass and beautiful pastures with the most rich views of the snow- capped moutains....9/10 homes had their curtains/blinds closed. We started to joke how we wanted to stop by these closed off homes and ask why they have closed off their blinds to the most beautiful views....or check and see if they were alive or something...haha. So strange....home after home after home....windows were covered by something......no light allowed to come through. So sad. So depressing to live there. I don't know how you could live in a place where you have such beauty surrounding you and not want to see it?

We returned to Bend and I got to do a little clothes shopping. YAY! Getting new clothes always makes me feel good, fresh and inspired. I loved all of the pretty colors in this season and soft textured fabrics. I spent waaay too much (sorry, Steve) but I now feel like I have something to wear that makes me feel good about myself again. Strange how that works, huh?

Sunday, Mother's Day, I had my mom and dad, sister and bro-in-law over for a late lunch. I prepared my scrumptious lasagna and there was NONE left. It was that good ;)

We had fun laughing, visiting and playing a little Guitar Hero. I tell ya, I have turned my parents into kids again, by buying them this game for Christmas. They now have Rock Band and all of the set ups for the game. Um, yeah. They invite friends over and play together...so funny. It makes them happy and they enjoy it so much...lol. It totally cracks me up watching them.

We ended the evening by watching some movies and I scrapped a couple layouts. Here they
are :)

"BOWLING" Yet, more time with my family. It was a fun Saturday in April, where we all enjoyed an afternoon of a little friendly competiton.....my family is VERY competitive..lol. Well, mostly my Dad and Bro-in-law, Aaron.... Okay.... Me, well....I tend to be a little on the competitive side too. I used a TON of photos for this layout....7 photos. Some of them are blurry and grainy, so I turned them black and white to make them more cohesive. And...what's a bowling layout without circles? I also loved using my new Doodlebug loopy alphas. They are adorable!

"THE PINK HAT" Okay, so I really don't like this page all that much. It's sort of *goofy* in my eyes. Maybe it's that silly grin on my face in my favorite hat, or it's my wild color combination. I just sort of said...eh, it's done. I have no more ideas to put into this. I guess we all have those pages that just don't come to light the way we had hoped. Ah. well :)

Well, that's it for now. As always thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!

Much love,