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Thursday, November 30, 2006

A few new projects :-)

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I've had a lot of fun creating several scrap projects over the last few days. I recently commented that I was trying to conquer my mini-album fear.............(lol)

So?? What's the best way to conquer a fear?

Yes, that is right! To *meet* my fear face-to-face!! (haha)

So what I have done??? I've created 3 mini-albums in the last week.{yikes} I have shared 2 of them with you today, but the 3rd album I have created was made using the fun *new* Tinkering Ink papers, so I'll have to wait a bit to share that one :-)

The 1st album pictured is an album I am giving to my husband's grandparents as a Christmas gift. Steve's grandparent's have always been very supportive of my scrapbooking, so it will be neat to present them a little piece of what I have captured of the family over the years. To create this little album, I altered a 7 Gypsies chipboard book with the December Crop Addict kit.
The layout featured above is about the joy I have watching our family open gifts on Christmas day. This feeling goes all the way back to my childhood with the memories I have of my most-loved grandma Cotton. She was always the spirit of Christmas for our family. Each Christmas we would wake up early and open presents at home with Mom and Dad. After we dressed we would drive over to Grandma and Grandpa Cotton's home, for a warm Christmas day filled with joy and happiness.
The last few Christmases, I've missed that very tradition we had shared since I was a child.
I realize it's up to us now up to our family to create new traditons and joys during the holidays, and take along the traditions once we treasured because of grandma Cotton.
I do know one thing............I will always thank Grandma Cotton for the joy I feel during this holiday season. (okay, this just gave me an idea for a layout...haha!) * To create this layout I used the December Creating Inspirations kit
"Christmas Memories" is a mini album I created using products from the December Creating Inspirations Kit.

*I've had these Bazzill chipboard circles for quite some time. I had an idea to make them into a 3 page mini album.
A very small mini-album, actually....(approx. 3x3). This would be the perfect gift during the holidays, or any time, I think :-)
I chose to make mine themed to the favorite moments I captured during our Christmas day last year.
I also think this little album would work great as an extended card or just what I did, pick a few photos that made me smile and remember our Christmas day. I'm not someone who is able to stay interested in making a 6-8 page album, so I kept this album to {3} chipboard circles and {4} 2.5 x 2.5 photos. I love having all of my favorite 2005 Christmas photos in a place that's minimal in size and simply states the wonderful Christmas in 2005 that Steve and I hosted in our new home, in our new town of Bend, Oregon.

Thanks for stopping by :)
Have a great day!
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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The holidays are in full bloom here at the Watte' home!

On a whim last weekend, Steve and I decided to put up our Christmas tree. We have always waited until Thanksgiving day....at least. Not this year, though! I have really enjoyed having our Christmas decor up. Each morning and evening I am greeted by me a beautiful sparkling tree and the aroma of cinnamon. Ahh....I do love this time of year most!
Of course, I am a bit silly (or cheesy, what ever you want to call it..haha) and had to capture a few pics of us in the middle of our decorating session :)
Thanksgiving was wonderful! My mom cooked the most elaborate and yummy dinner! The photo above is my favorite part of the meal..haha! The table setting.. It's turned out so pretty :-)
I've been working on a lot of fun projects lately, and have decided I love to make mini-albums. I used to be so intimidated to make these little goodies, but this weekend I actually created 2! I created one using super cute papers fromTinkering Ink line of papers and 1 album for a gift using 7 Gypsies papers from the December Crop Addict kit. The layout pictured above, is of my sweet nephew, Nick. I captured this pic of him over a year ago when we were playing at a local park. I was inspired by the shape of the tire he was playing inside of for the design of this layout.
Have a wonderful week ahead!!
XXOO----Tessa Ann Watte` Posted by Picasa