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Friday, December 05, 2008

Changes are always good...

More changes to share.....

I've been changing things around in our home lately and decided to switch rooms for my craft room. The room I was in was in the very back of the house, upstairs and away from the world. Natural light was not great in that room either and I always had at least 3 lamps on in addition to the overhead lighting. Not good. Though, I had taken the time to paint that my beloved "Tiffany Box" blue, I did it. I moved. Everything. Yeah, it was crazy once we got started how much stuff I had. Tons.

So now I am in a new space that is bright and bigger than my last one. I set my work-table in front of the window where I have panoramic views of the mountains and beautiful homes on the hill. There is an empty lot in across the street that kids play in, creating bike ramps and forts. That's fun to watch and brings back memories of doing that myself as a kiddo. So cute.
So here is a peek around at my room!

1. A partial view of my desk area. As you can see there is a lot of light and good space. I have my main supplies all at hand. The white stacked storage holds my embellishments, all sorted by color as you can see from the colored flowers on the pull of each drawer. The top section holds acrylic paint and other things I use often with my button, flower or frame making. The book sitting on my desk is my daily "TO DO" lists that I use to keep on track with my Etsy shop.

2. Another view of my table. This table has seen better days..ha! You can see my over-stuffed Making Memories carosel, my cup of glitter and stickles, my TO DO list, a pile of buttons to package up, a peek of the purple storage system I hold extra buttons for re-stocking of my shop. Oh, and don't forget. Coffee.:)

3. On one end of my room there is crown molding, creating a 1 foot shelf about 3-4 feet from the ceiling. I have decorated this with my favorite photos in matching frames, as well as creating this little piece using scrapbooking supplies. There is a quote about "creativity" on the larger, center frame. They looked really pretty with my old room having the Tiffany blue background. Until I decide what color to paint my new room, this will do :)

4. My stuff. A view of all of my paper trays, and other storage containers. Like my embellishments, I store my patterned papers by color, as well as my cardstock. My storage system is all labeled ie: ink, rhinestones, raw chipboard, embossing powders, rub ons, rubber stamps, punches.... you get the idea
5. Right above my paper trays and storage, I have pink shelves holding all of my Prima flowers and other flowers I've collected, as well as spools of ribbon, jars of left over strands of ribbon (color organized of course), my My Minds Eye buttons, and Heidi Swapp paints. A plethora of color fills these 2 shelves. I love looking at them :)
6. Hehe. This photo of the pile of pillows I made is where my sweet cat, Mozart sleeps while I work and create.

7. A bit of my felt. I keep it in this basket with the embroidery thread, needles, scissors, buttons and ribbon so that I can grab it to take to the LSS to work in case there is a lull I can work on new creations for my shop.

Well, that's a small peek around my room. I have some beautiful Christmas cards to photograph and post here before they are sent off. I am loving the new look of my blog and the new features that came with upgrading my blogger. And. I am loving the fresh, white background versus the dark black with white writing.

Yep. Change IS good.

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So....what do you think?

I know, I know....I've had the same theme since I've started here on blogger (well, except for those few weeks with my lame attempts at blog headers..haha!) Thanks to Lucy Ann Folich, I've enjoyed this colorful and vibrant blog header. Though, I am moving on to this one, I loved the funky-bright banner that adorned my blog for the last few years (uh, or more?)

So...simple, pure and clean with solid color. Okay, I spent this afternoon searching the net for blog backgrounds and after looking at hundreds, maybe thousands, I found this one. It felt fresh to me. And, I seem to need "Fresh" right now :)

I have several things to post about, but I only have a minute and wanted to update, so you knew what the new look was all about (though some of you may have experienced many different looks throughout the day.....hahaha! I couldn't make up my mind.)

I have some Christmas cards I created to share, as well as our Holiday decor (yes, the red is back!) and some custom Etsy orders I created for the holidays that are super cute! I even put up a kit in my shop. It's so colorful and fun, filled with a combination of my buttons, frames and embellishments, along with many gorgeous papers, KI Memories dye cut paper, cardstock, alphas and tons of other cool stuff. Here is the link: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16993609

Oh, and I left a place to vote if you hate or like the new look. It was done in total fun and feel free to leave your vote or not. It's a new feature that Blogger has that I thought was fun to try :)

Talk to ya soon!
Tessa Ann