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Monday, August 17, 2009

August Guest Designer, Breanne Crawford!

Happy Monday, Friends. I hope everyone had a really nice weekend!

For the month of August, I have a super fun guest designer! Welcome, Breanne Crawford!

Breanne's scrapbooking is always super pretty and feminine with a funky, colorful flare... just like her personality! And, it doesn't hurt that she has the most beautiful little baby girl to scrap about!

Enjoy the interview and the fun layouts Breanne created using my buttons!

"LOVE" Ooh...look at all the pretty flowers surrounding the sweet photo of Breanne and Madelyn :) I told ya she was a cutie!! Breanne used a button and link from my "Buttons & Links" set. She centered her flowers and tied a little tag to the link. So fun :)

"PRINCESS" What a pretty girlie-girl layout of Breanne's beautiful Baby girl :) Breanne used a couple of buttons from last month's Button Of The Month selection.

"15" Aww...a great close up of lil Madelyn :) Love how Breanne stitched the 2 pieces of scalloped cardstock together to create a corset-look. Great idea! Breanne used my strawberry button from my "Fruits of Summer" collection.

Okay...now on to the interview. Let's get to know Breanne!

1.) Tell us a little about YOU and how you are involved in the scrapbooking industry?

A little bit about me.... I just turned 24 years old. I am a brand-new mom to the most beautiful girl in the entire world (Madelyn just turned 4 months). I am a social worker and work with abused and neglected children. As far as involvement in the industry, I'm really NOT involved anymore... When I got pregnant, I just didn't have the energy to scrapbook anymore so I backed away from the industry a bit and now that Madelyn is here, I rarely have the time to scrapbook for myself, let alone anyone else. The only thing I'm a part of now is scrapjacked (http://scrapjacked.blogspot.com/), which I LOVE. I am so clueless with the scrap industry these days! LOL!
2.) What led you to scrapbooking? Do you remember that *first* time you sat down to create a page?

I started to scrapbook before I really KNEW what scrapbooking was. It started in magnetic albums in 7th/8th grade, using some random diecuts and cut-out neon-colored paper to decorate. I then discoverered about.scrapbooking.com where I really LEARNED what scrapbooking was and there was this whole awesome community of people who opened my eyes to so many new, cool things.
3.) When you sit down to create, what are the essential items in your environment that you need to feel in the "mood" to be creative?-
a not-crying, hungry, needy baby. ;) - chocolate- good music
4.) I feel most creative when........

i have a really good story to tell or i have a really great photo or i have some emotions that i need to get down.
5..) How do you decide what you are going to journal about... and what is your favorite way to document journaling?

I have to admit... I am awful about journaling lately... I find that a lot of the documenting I do in every day life nowadays is through my blog and through a personal journal I keep to my daughter. When I sit down to scrapbook, lately, I just focus on the photos.... I feel like there is only so many times I can say on a page "I just can't believe how much I love you. You are the most amazing thing in the entire world."

6.) What did you enjoy most about working with my buttons. How were they a good fit for your project?

Oh man! They were SO much fun!! I really enjoyed trying to figure out different sort of ways to use them and really just have FUN scrapping. It was a sort-of challenge to come up with layouts based around a project. I absolutely adore the detail on the buttons - it's just amazing and even more beautiful in person. And I definitely need to get my hands on some more now....
7.)Share with us your most favorite layout and why this layout is your most favorite.....WOW. This is difficult. I have so many different "favorite" layouts for so many different reasons. This question totally made me go through some of the files on my computer and I'm awed at some of the creativity on some of the layouts. Some of the depths of emotion on some of the layouts. Some of the stories that some of the layouts tell... i guess i'm going to have to choose this layout, though. it was one of the first, if not the first, layout i did after madelyn was born... and i think it gives a lot of hope for what's to come since i really don't remember a lot of what happened on that first day ;)

Thank you, Breanne for sharing your scrap art with us and the fun insight into your world of creativity!

Tessa Ann*