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Monday, October 12, 2009

October Featured Artist: Kristina Proffitt

This month we have, Kristina Proffitt as our October guest designer. Come take a peek at her inspiring scrapbooking layouts, as well as a fun candid interview!

Kristina's clean style and photography are always perfectly balanced within each layout she creates. I couldn't wait to send her my buttons to create with! Kristina was sent a sampling of buttons from the "CandyLand" collection, as well as my "Pumpkin Patch" collections. See how she used my buttons to adorn her pages.

"This is so you" What a sweet layout :)I love the sweet mother-to-daughter journaling and the joyous photo of her beautiful little girl. Kristina used my buttons as a border beneath the photo.

"These are the days" I love the fantastic shots Kristina captured at her local pumpkin patch. She truly captured the essence of the day so well with this festive layout. Bravo, Kristina!

Not only is Kristina a talented scrapbooker, she is also a fun and kind person. In this interview, you get to know a little more about this fun artist!

1.) Tell us a little about YOU and how you are involved in the scrapbooking industry?
I'm a 31-year-old stay-at-home-mama to a sweet little girl who is almost 4.
I've been married to my husband for 7 years TODAY. It's our wedding anniversary. :) I have a little fur baby too, named Maggie Mae.
We live in Nashville, TN area and I'm very OCD when it comes to organizing things. I love Target and Dr. Pepper and most importantly, I love the Lord. :)
Right now I do both traditional and digital design work. I've been on the design team of A Million Little Things (http://www.amillionlittlethings.com/) for over 5 years now. I'm the DT Coordinator. I'm also on the digital design teams for Creative Memories and for Lesley Grainger Designs. I am new to the digital world of scrapbooking (have only been doing it since earlier in the year), but love it! Crystal Wilkerson is another favorite of mine! I've met so many wonderful people through scrapbooking! I just love this hobby so much!

2.) What led you to scrapbooking? Do you remember that *first* time you sat down to create a page?
I got started in scrapbooking back in 2004. I saw a scrapbooking magazine in a store, bought it and saw a cute font inside. I went to my computer, typed in the link to where I could get the font (2peas) and the rest, is history. :) I have always been a crafty type of person. Love hand making things and I love taking photographs and journaling so when I saw that website and read through that scrapbooking magazine, it just clicked. What a cool way to preserve memories AND it combines all of the things I love - journaling, picture taking and craftiness. It was a no-brainer. ;) I actually don't remember the first time I sat down to create a page, but I do know that in the beginning almost every single one of the pages I made were of my dog. LOL. I was newly married and we didn't have any children yet - she was my baby at that time. I love looking back on those older layouts.

3.) When you sit down to create, what are the essential items in your environment that you need to feel in the "mood" to be creative?
I love to create at night. I'm not a night owl, per say, but I do love the quiet. I also love to put on some music in the background, but nothing loud - just soothing and peaceful. I love creating on rainy days, too. :) Sometimes my daughter is scrapbooking next to me and that really makes me feel creative too because I love how sweet it is and she actually has come up with some great ideas for me on layouts! It's cute to watch her create and that makes me love scrapbooking even more. I guess that's why I feel super creative when she's with me creating away. ;)

4.) I feel most creative when........
I have new photographs printed, a new story to tell or new scrapbook goodies.

5.) How do you decide what you are going to journal about... and what is your favorite way to document journaling?
Usually I just want to get a memory down, a funny story or just get to the heart of the matter when it comes to my journaling. I guess it just depends on what photo(s) I'm using and what I want to say. I love the every day moments and love to document the "right now" kind of journaling for my daughter, especially. I just know she's going to look back on those and love them because it shows what she liked and did in those "right now" moments. :) I'm trying to use my handwriting more so that is another thing I'm really working on. I do think it's important to leave my mark in my journaling with my handwriting. ;)

6.) What did you enjoy most about working with my buttons? How were they a good fit for your project?
First of all I am a button addict. I love buttons. :) Your buttons are just SO beautiful and the dimension and detail on them is amazing! I love the sweetness and homemade feel they added to my pages. I'm all about adding a little homemade touch to my layouts and your buttons did just that. Such a sweet embellishment to use on a page and they are so versatile. Really fun to use, too! :)

7.) Share with us your most favorite crafty creation! What are you most proud of creating?
I love making home decor things using crafty products. :) I made a couple of large canvases for my daughter using some scrap fabric, felt, buttons and paint. They turned out so cute and I was able to customize them to match her room perfectly. The best thing is that she loved them and I was able to add a little bit of "homemade from Mama" to her room. It was pretty inexpensive, too! :) I also make smaller canvases and now that I think of it, your buttons would be PERFECT for those sweet little gifts I make my friends. I think I need to place an order. ;)

Thank you for your inspiration and fun insight to your crafty world!