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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have a FLICKR Group! First 5 to upload win a set of buttons!

*Edited to add....sorry about the link to the group not working! It's fixed and ready to go now :) Thanks to all who have uploaded their creations! Go check them out and be inspired! http://www.flickr.com/groups/1090721@N25/

Well, it was time....

I've been receiving so many wonderful emails with the most inspiring creations from customers who have put their buttons and appliques to use. I am amazed at the many ways they have used their products. So......I wanted to have a little gallery to invite anyone who would like to share their projects using my buttons and appliques.

I'm SO excited to *showcase* YOUR beautiful art work!!

The 1st 5 people to upload will receive a fun set of buttons each!

Anything goes in this gallery.....scrapbooking, cardmaking, sewing projects, art projects, again...ANYTHING GOES!!

Click on the following link to sign up! http://www.flickr.com/groups/1090721@N25/

I look forward to seeing all that you have created. It truly brings me such joy to see my little creations inspiring others to create :)

Have a wonderful day.. where ever you are!
:) Tessa Ann*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sometimes I just get the itch to play.
Plain and simple :)
To create new fresh designs to hopefully inspire others.
While I really love my current collections and love the creative process with making each one, it's always fun to have something new to look at! Sunday I set aside a few hours JUST to play with new designs. I pulled out my clay and started deciding fun new color combinations and just let my creativity take hold of me and see what I could come up with! The color combinations themselves really inspired the design. While I do have sketch books filled with ideas, I don't really plan ahead. You just never know what my mind's eye has in store each time I sit down to create.

*Summer Fruits.... A pretty pearl blue with raspberry pink, bubblegum pink, apple green...delish, right?

*Under The Cherry Tree* A whimsy version of a cherry tree with intricately hand detailed leaves. This set is so pretty :)
*I just love happy frogs! I've been wanting this set in my shop for awhile!
*A baby themed set with little yellow birds, pearly blue, pink and lemon yellow.

*Perfect for baby themes or even Easter projects. I love the little chicky breaking out of the shell..hehe!
*This set is so pretty in person. I could see the rose buttons stitched to a lovely sweater.
*Just a great assortment of rainbow colors. Simple, yet a functional set of buttons for anything you might need a button for!
I am in the process of creating some fun sets for the upcoming 4th of July holiday! I also hope to do some scrapbooking soon!! It has been so long since I've sat down to make a scrapbook page. I have little piles of product stacked in a corner of my studio that I keep adding more to with the idea of a scrapbook page. Once I pack up my orders, I may just have a few to play again and make that pile of product in to a page..lol!
Well, I hope you have some time today create or PLAY! Have a wonderful day :)
-Tessa Ann*