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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Okay, so not updating my blog has been a big guilt of mine. I used to update regularly. Sometimes daily. With my transition from scrapping to spending 99% of my time creating my buttons for my shop, my blog has suffered greatly. But, mostly, I have been struggling with what subject matter to write about. What would re-interest my readers? I used to share quite a bit of my scrapbooking projects and my personal life here. With the pop up of the smack blogs (you all know what I mean..hehe) I started to really sensor what I said here........and now that I'm not scrapping as much as I'd like, I tend to share my Etsy creations. I never want you as my readers to think I am trying to sell, sell, with each post :) I guess I just figure it is better than not posting at all.

Well, that is about to change. I am going to find balance. I am going to share fun tid bits about my life, my art and my dreams....just like I intended when I started this blog.

So with this blog post, I vow to be a regular blogger, a hopefully inspiring blogger, and a honest-real-life blogger. The good, the bad, the ugly. I will not sensor my feelings or experiences in fear of the "nay sayers" a n y m o r e.

Okay.......enough of that! On to the goods! I mentioned in my last blog post that I was ask to join the girls at www.scrapjacked.blogspot.com to jack "CandyMandy." In addition, I also was asked to sponsor the jack. There is still time if you would like to join in ! The inspiration piece from "Candymandy" was fun and I really enjoyed putting my spin on it!

I chose to scrap about my mom and my sis. "My Peeps" They really are. They are always there for me through thick and thin, to bring me back down to earth and I have such a crazy good time when we all get together.

PRODUCTS USED: Paper: Anna Griffin; Journaling spots: Anna Griffin; Flowers: Prima; Ribbon: Joanne's; Alphas: American Crafts; Labels: Jenny Bowlin; Pen: American Crafts; Buttons and Bird button: From my shop www.tessaann.etsy.com

I was scanning through my Picasa photo program looking through older layouts when I came across an assortment of layouts and projects I created for Right At Home Scrapbooking that I neglected sharing. These were some of my favorite creations! So, alas, here they are!

Steve and I are not much into "roughing it" as we call camping. LOL! We enjoy being outdoors and love doing outdoorsy things, but sleeping on the ground underneath the stars just isn't our thing. Our perfect solution. Yurts. Yes, these funky little outbuildings are super cozy and clean. And...you can still get that feeling of camping!

You have lights, a futon and bunk beds, a quaint little kitchen table. We rented some movies at Redbox and watched them on the laptop while we roasted our dinner on the fire..hehe. That was fun :)

In each of the "YURTS" on the kitchen table was a journal. Each person or family that had rented the yurt would journal about their experiences while staying there. Oh, my...some were so funny, some were quite disturbing and some were very explicit and interesting. We both poured through this journal, laughing, and at times cringing at some of the stories written by other campers.

"ROMEO" I've shared stories in past blog posts about my horse, Romeo. I've had this sweet boy since he was just a yearling. I spent my teenage years training this beautiful horse to be a wonderful show horse. My parents keep him now and it breaks my heart they are talking about selling him :( I admit I don't ride him anymore and he is such a good horse that he needs to be with a family who will ride him. Sniff, sniff.

This layout "Decade" documents our 1st 10 years together as a married couple. Just last Friday 8/21 we celebrated our 11th anniversary!

Awww.....this one makes my heart smile. This is my sweet grandpa cotton. My dad's, dad. He came to visit and we surprised him with a birthday party. He has always been such an important part of my life. When we were little, Saturday night my parents would drop us off at Grandpa and Grandma Cotton's house and we would go to church with them the next morning. I have found memories of him and grandma singing along to hymnals and me falling asleep on his shoulder.

Well, I have a huge pile of orders to be filled sitting upstairs waiting for me to tend to. My shop has been so busy and I am eternally grateful to finally be able to work for myself and live out my dream. TO CREATE! I still have to pinch myself every once in a while that this little button dream of mine is working out so well :D
I hope everyone has a great week!