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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Customer Creations!

I am always delighted to receive emails and messages from customers who have used my buttons on their knitted garments. T

The cozy wool they use is not only soft and luxurious (I've recently purchased 1 roll of this scrumptious yarn, so I am talking soft folks!) but colorful, vibrant and perfectly youthful for the most adorable, elaborately knitted children's ware.

Amazing design and detail go into these beautifully hand crafted outfits. I am in awe when I receive a photo of my buttons adorning one of these creations.

I thought it would be fun to share some of them here today!

 Buttoned up with our Oopsie buttons. I just love the little cap Jonelle created to match the design of the monster face buttons! 
 What an amazing set!! Love the knitted branch and bird. She adorned this with our Bowl Full Of Cherries Buttons.
 Simple and Sweet. Little white flower buttons in a small 3/4" size with purple and aqua centers. Semi-custom order.
 A d o r a b l e!!   A sweet little halloween outfit complete with glow-in-the-dark halloween buttons in the style of my "Bewitched" Buttons made to match this colorway.
 Pink and brown is always a lovely combination. This adorable romper was knit by Crist of Creatively Ewe. She adorned her knit with our "Lolli" buttons, but created to custom match this colorway.

This is just a few of the many I receive photos of weekly! Keep sending them, I love seeing what you create!!  To see what our customers have shared with our Facebook Fan ("like"..lol) page click here:

Stop by and become a friend of our Facebook page to receive free shipping specials, giveaways and inspiration from other members! I would love to see your creations too!


I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the holidays! We both have been *literally*  glued to our chairs working like crazy to fill button orders before the holidays. We did spent one evening enjoying some wine and decorating our home. It was fun to put the Christmas music on, light the fireplace and sip wine while we transformed our home into full holiday mode!   Red and Gold!

 And it looks a lot like Winter outside too. Steve built this snow-person after a great amount of snow fell that day. He is always the one to be eager to rush out and build the biggest snow-person he can roll. LOL! Love that guy ;) 
And, Snowperson did get a hat...which as an adorable little girl reminded me, "he isn't real if he doesn't have a hat" :) 

Happy Holidays!!!
Tessa Ann

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Still here :)

Hello!  Is anyone still here? (lol)

Yes, it has been ages since I've posted an update.  I'm still working away at my button business and it has taken over my world completely :)  

On a side note, I've gotten the itch to scrapbook again, but with my limited time now days, I've started dabbling in digital scrapbooking and I love it. 

Here is my 1st try. Yes, I have a lot to learn..so please be kind ;)

Well, keeping this post short and sweet. Just thought it was about time I checked in. I am missing blogging and having a place to "write" so I'll be back!

Tessa Ann