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Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's hot....

Yes, that's right. It is officially HOT. Summer is
here and I am melting when I go outside. I am so thankful to have airconditioning in this new house, or I would be one miserable chicky.

S0 as I am sure you have noticed..haha.... I decided to add some tunes to my blog. It may suprise some of you what type of music I like. I always say that I have quite the jekle and hyde personality when it comes to my music choices..haha. I love a little Ella Fitzgerald and then groove with some P-diddy or Gwen Stefani. Pretty much anything that has a great beat!
Being music major, I've come to appreciate
all genres of music. So, hopefully it's okay and
if not, find your "mute" button and apply as needed...haha :)

I'm excited to share with you a fun new
developement in my new pursue of teaching
opportunities. A couple months back, I was
approached by Scrapbook Vacation Clubs to come and teach at their "Luxury" retreat in Daytona Beach, Florida to teach a few Tinkering Ink classes. I am so incredibley excited to come and teach these classes. I have prepared 3 fun filled classes that I hope will be fun for the ones attending.
The previews of my classes will be up on
http://www.scrapbook-oasis.comat/ the end of
this week. Oh, man... I am so flippin' excited!
I will have such a neat opportunity of meeting so many fun people. Some I've even met online. This 3 day retreat is going to be held at a gorgeous resort called,
"THE PLAZA" resort and spa.
I'm arriving a day early to just have a nice relaxing spa day. Ahh... I can
hardly wait! Oooh..and by then, I hope to look good sippin on a mojito by the pool :)

In closing, I would like to share a few layouts I created using Crop Addicts July mid-month mini kit. This kit featured pretty Basic Grey papers and fun embellishements.

I hope everyone is doing well on their side of the world and being super creative! I look forward to hearing from you :)

XXOO----Tessa Ann Watte`