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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scrapbooking a little more lately.....

Today is one of those overcast-chilly days I love. I love sipping tea inside while listening to my ipod creating. Today is Thursday and is my day to work on new stuff for my Etsy shop or fill custom orders.

I love days like this...

In my view sitting here I see from a far, about 100 yards away, is a giant blow-up snow globe with an adorable winter scene rotating along with the globe. {he he...}
It spins round-and-round all day. Though considered by many "tacky," it still puts a smile on my face and makes me feel a little more festive.

Steve and I have been walk/jogging each night after work and it has been so pretty to go by homes all decked-out in their lights and decor. I loved looking at all the beautiful wreathes and the tree's peeking from their windows.

So pretty.

I have a scrapbook page to share that I created in the summer, I think. It was my last assignment with Scrapbooking & Beyond Magazine this year for Liz Qualman's sketch article. I created a layout each season and issue and my layout was based on her sketch. That was always a fun assignment and I loved working around Liz's sketches. She includes a lot of detail in her sketches and each one is so completely different from the next. She's amazing.

I had some photos that I consider "good" that we took a few years back that had never been published before, so I thought they would be perfect. I chose my favorite holiday color scheme of Red and Aqua , which perfectly accentuated our black and white photos very well. I enhanced the chipboard MOD snow flakes with glitter (a light layer of Stickles) and added rhinestones around the flakes. It looks so sparkly and pretty in person :)

And lastly, here is a card I created for one of Steve's co-workers. I really loved this one, so it was hard to part with it ;)
Happy holidays everyone!!
-Tessa Ann

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I am scrapbooking this afternoon and was looking for pics to create with and came across these.
{They made me smile.}
This is my horse, Romeo and a little about our history together :)

I was out at my parents house a few weeks ago and was taking pictures around their property.
My mom has a lot of pretty landscaped areas and surrounding areas.
This makes it PERFECT to practice working on my (lacking) camera skills.
Well, what is prettier than horses?

This sweet guy is my horse, Romeo. His actual registered name is, "Fierce Contender" but that totally did NOT fit his personality. He is extremely affectionate, but very naughty at times...meaning, he has bucked me off my fair share of times throughout my life time.
When I used to clean his stall he would get a drink of water and wait for the perfect moment to come up and snuggle up to me.
Hey! I thought he was being cute, as he usually was, but NOPE...he drops the water down the back of my neck.
{Yeah, this happened many, many times. That horse is GOOD, I tell ya!}
I received Romeo when he was just a year old. He was so tiny that my parents simply lifted his fuzzy, long-legged, baby-body up into the trailer and took him home to me. I spent a lot of time bonding with him because I couldn't ride him until he was older.
I was crazy about him, I would wash his tail almost daily (no joke) condition it, spray in a shiny spray called, "Show Sheen" and french braid it. He was very groomed VERY nicely..lol.
I was in 4-H with Romeo and went to fair each summer. He is the one that sent me away in an ambulance after the parade. Got excited and bucked me off. That was a bad one. But, here is Romeo now 16 almost 17 years old, still spunky, but so adorable. Um, and TALL. He measures in at 16. 5 hands tall. That's really tall for a horse. He has a lot of racing blood, so he is built with really long legs. As a kid, I didn't factor in how far I'd fall from him, now when I look at him that's exactly what I think.lol!

In these photos of him, he is getting his fuzzy winter coat. In the summer, oh my...he has the most gorgeous copper-colored coat that shines in the sun. His nose is white and pink and.....{lol} we have to put sunscreen on it in the summer time or he gets burned. Ha. Poor guy.

Their halters waiting on the fence.
One last peek...................

Have a wonderful day!!
:) Tessa Ann
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Monday, December 08, 2008

Winter Wonderful!

It has been loads of fun to create fun Christmas and Winter themed items for my little Etsy shop. My peppermint candy buttons have been a top seller, as well as the ity bitty holiday colored buttons. I think I make a new set for someone pretty much every other day. ha!

One customer ordered a large quantity of the peppermint buttons to use on holiday sweaters. It's fun how I intended their use for scrapbooking, but many other uses have been found. Because of this, I spent a good month testing different types of sealant and what could hold up with washing. I finally found one I am confident with.

I have a lot of red, green and gold tones in my first Christmas collection, and I love the other tons of the holidays of silver, navy and red. So, I spent this weekend creating a new collection of winter embellishments and buttons titled, "WINTER WONDERFUL." I have made up new sets to include embellishments AND buttons that I call, "Trinkets and buttons." You get a little bit of each thing to make a great winter-time project. The snowflakes are lightly dusted with a opulescent glitter. So pretty.

Last year, I felt bad that I didn't send out Christmas cards. I was really busy with CHA coming up and getting work to manufactures that I didn't give myself enough time to create any special cards for loved ones. I got started last week and just have a few more to do and I'm done. Here is what I've created so far.

That's it for today! I hope everyone has a great week!
Off to get ready to go to work at the LSS and today is a weigh-in day. I'm down 10lbs in 18 days........yes, I'll fill you all in next post about this! So exciting that it's working :D

Enjoy your day!
Tessa Ann