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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Good Morning,
Just sitting here sipping on my coffee and thought I'd post a new blog! Two in one week....whoa ;)

It's definitely turned seasons in Bend. I can already see the leaves turning a golden orange and the cool weather has hit. Today we are in for some rain and possibly thunder storms. I *love* these kinds of days :-)

Today I am working on some custom orders for companies in the US and Europe that plan on using my cupcakes and button embellishments for non-scrapbooking related items! So cool :)

For those of you....ehem, Greta and Heidi...that I've promised a goody package in the mail....trust me I have not forgotten. I start to create your goodies and I get yet another custom order that needs to be done STAT and I get pushed back. But, my guilt is hanging right over my head and I'll be getting those out soon! And...you will love them....I hope..haha ;-)

I don't have any photos to share this week, but I was excited to share that my products have been featured on a few sites this week and I was interviewed on another. My flowers and buttons have also been getting in quite a few treasuries at Etsy which has totally been awesome and so fun to see!

Here is where you can find my interview.
http://www.soapdelinews.com/ The sweet gal, Rebecca the owner and creator of Soap Deli interviewed me and I just have to tell ya....She creates the most luxurious soaps.... Be sure to check out the pomegranate soap..yum.

Earlier this week, my lavender and lime green buttons were featured on
http://www.diyclay.com/. Scroll down a bit and you will see what I am talking about :-)

FancyPicnic.com featured my Autumn flower embellishment in their Saturday Shopping finds.
HERE to see....it's the flower on the bottom left hand corner. WOOT!

Well I better get going on those orders, as I need to get them to the PO to go out Priority Mail today......love going to the post office...totally said sarcastic. ha!

Have a wonderful day!
:) Tessa Ann

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogging at 3:30 am, Scrapbooking layouts, New Etsy Items and my worries.....

Um, Good Morning?

I woke up feeling thirsty a few minutes ago, and couldn't get back to sleep. So here I am. Half awake, but thought I totally needed to make a post :)

Hopefully this post is semi-coherent..ha!

Well, I have really fallen off the wagon with this blogging thing. Since I have not been scrapbooking as much, and I created this blog as a scrapbooking blog I worry that what I *do* have to say these days won't be as interesting. But, I am still here in the world, happy, healthy and plenty to say, so I hope you will still join me often!

Life is good for the most part, I would say life is excellent except my worries of the US economy and all the money we (Steve and I ) have invested in the stock market and the losses we have taken this year, has totally stressed me out. Yesterday was the worst. With the market closing at a record low, it sent Steve and I into panic mode. I am demanding we meet with our Financial Advisor for our best options. It's definitely gut wrenching to think that we could loose everything we worked and struggled SO hard for. I know it could be worse, and we could be losing our home like so many, and we're NOT..... but it still worries me... a lot.

On a positive note I'm still *extremely* busy with my Etsy Shop. Most days my desk looks like this. Laptop open, ready, checking email, printing shipping labels, re-listing product, packaging orders.......stacks of product ready to ship out that day, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, paint bottles from previous creations. What happened to my tidy little space?
But.....really, it has become part of my daily routine and I really love having this little business!

I've been creating a lot of custom orders for customers world-wide, also shipping all over the world. I've recently shipped items to Hong Kong, Bulgaria and Russia. This means a trip to the post office to fill out the necessary custom forms, taking a deep breath as I hand over my neat little carefully packed package to the post office guy......with fingers crossed that it will arrive safe and in a timely manner.

The custom orders I've been receiving have been SO inspiring to create. People request items I would have never thought to create for my shop. It is a challenge and one I am always up for. Here is my most recent custom order from a very nice lady in France. She has ordered my buttons in the past and requested I make mushroom, gingerbread, pineapple and strawberry embellishments for her scrapbooking projects. Here is what I created for her........ Cute, huh?! I'll be heading to the Post office tomorrow with these little goodies to ship all the way to France!

Oooh...I totally forgot!!!!

I do have some pages to share! These pages are from my Guest Designer work at Noel Mignon Kits. Lots of aqua and red....my favorite combination.

In closing I'll post a few of my latest creations in my shop. With Autumn here, I was inspired to create this: Though, I created this handmade felt, fabric, embroidered flower for scrapbooking projects, I have sold it a few times to be used as a brooch. How pretty would that be? I want to make one for myself and pin it to my chocolate brown sweater.

I created these buttons to match!

Lastly...........................here are a sampling of my newest embellishments. Enjoy!

Have a great rest of the week and I'm off to see if I can go back to sleep..lol ;)

---Tessa Ann