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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Today is the last edition to our  limited edition "Garden Friends" miniature button collectors series. (whew, yes that's a mouthful to say and to type!)  Creating this series has been a fun new way to stretch our creativity and share a little bit of "cute" with people all over the world. We were amazed to sell out 2 of them the 1st day we listed them, the feedback has been wonderful.

Meet our last Garden Friend, "Verdie"  A little smiling green caterpillar resting happily on a red and white toadstool. This little guy is structured on a 1" sized button and stands 1.5" tall.  Perfectly adorable :)

{Verdie will be available 7/6/10 at 12 pm PST at The Button Shop. Only 5 will be sold}

We have been receiving several custom cake topper requests this month! Currently we are working on a birthday cake topper for a 3 year old boy in a pirate theme. The palm tree has been created, as well as most of the treasure chest. It's filled to the brim with silver goblets, pearls, ruby's and diamonds. There will be a little pirate boy and a map and tons of other great pirate things. We also are working on a beautiful humming bird topper and a butterfly topper.  I sketch out my designs most of the time if I need to get a visual and want to be sure that me and the customer are on the same page. Remember, these are just sketches..lol.  Admittedly I am not the best and drawing ;-)

My sister's wedding is just around the corner in October and as a surprise I created a cake topper just to *show* her. No expectations. But, I did create each detail inspired by my sisters wedding down to the bird cadge veil Well, she flipped and wanted it.  She loved it and it is now hers  and I am so proud it's going to be on her beautiful cake. Her cake is going to be 3-tiers and a stunner... one of those fancy cakes you see on the Cake Boss. I am tickled pink that my little topper will reign on top ;-D

I hand sewed a tiny bird cadge veil with 3 tiny pearls. I hand sculpted the top hat and then created the cute little glasses out of wire.

The dress was given a pearl pigment and the roses were created in a deep red with a light dusting of pearl over the top to create a vintage look.

A Chantilly lace pattern was used for the back of the wedding dress. Tiny pearls button down the back of the train.

I am going to be offering a version of these in the shop that will be fully customizable in color size, detail, flowers, glasses/no glasses, top hat, kippah, or even a cowboy hat....tux tails, suit....Every detail down to the shoes and eye color can be customized. I have a few more styles in the works, so stay tuned!

Many more button styles are in the works also!  Have a great Tuesday!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

When Bridget emailed her project in this week, she said that when she received her "Sweet Tweetie" buttons, they reminded her of little candies... These delicious buttons were her inspiration for creating this adorable apron for daughter, a chocolate lover just like her mom! We are excited to share her super cute project with you all! Enjoy!

Our Monday button inspiration by Creative Team Member, Bridget Baxter!

Cute cupcake fabric, combined with pink and white stripes, ruffled detail and adorable buttons make this apron cutest around!

Pink, chocolate, and a pearly red. Tiny hand cut hearts line the button and little hand painted polka dots are sealed beneath a delicious glossy finish. A perfect little something fun to embellish the apron!

The ruffled detail really adds a fun, stylish twist!

Thanks for stopping by today to get your Monday button inspiration!  

Tomorrow, I will be back with our 4th series to the "Garden Friends" collectors series.  Thanks to everyone who has been a faithful collector of each friend! We have sold out of 2 of them and just have 2 of the "Baby Bug's" left.
We are going to have a new collectors series each month with fun new things. Next month is our series of 4 artisan pendants. I will have a preview this week of these pendants! Again, only 5 of each pendant will be sold. They will be listed the 2nd week of July at 12 pm PST.  We are also branching out a bit to include cake toppers. We have booked several including my own sisters wedding! (i'll share a photo of that topper in my next post!!) I am currently working on an amazing Pirate themed birthday boy cake topper, a hummingbird in a garden topper and a beautiful memorial butterfly topper. I am having a wonderful time creating sketches, working out the details and getting my hands into the clay!     All this is exciting but,  we don't our faithful button fans to worry..... buttons will always be our #1 priority, we just want to offer a few fun things in the mix every once in a while :)

Have a wonderful day!