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Friday, September 04, 2009

Car blues and new buttons

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great week :)

Same old, same old here. Creating buttons and working hard at my shop filling orders.

Steve took me out to dinner last night which was so nice to get out and be around people..lol. We went to a local brewery and rooted the Ducks (UofO) along and had a couple Stella Artois brews and a fantastic salmon salad. Yum.

This is the only bad thing about working from home. You tend to get sorta lonely after a while and crave people and their energy. Don't get me wrong, I adore my internet buddies and I love being at home ;) but, It also doesn't help that we are now down to just one car. Steve now works in the next town away, so I'm basically stuck home all day. My beloved 1st car, my beautiful Lexus, "Lexy" (yes, I name my cars..hehe) went to the shop to be fixed a month ago, only to find out the repairs were more than the car was worth. whaaa, whaa! We were able to sell it (her.hehe) for parts, so we're saving up to buy me a new car. I have my eye on a cute baby blue or silver VW convertible bug. My mom keeps encouraging me to just go and finance one, but honestly, I don't ever want to be a slave to car payments again. So our plan is to save, save, save to get me one of these cuties! I'm 1/2 way there! Soon, I pray I will be FREEEE.. I just have to tough it out right now and be a sport ;) Hey, it saves on gas and is more earth friendly to only have 1 car, right? This I keep telling myself..lol!

Enough of that!

I have 9 new button sets to share! I spent the day yesterday focusing on new designs. Here is what I created.

Have a great 3 day weekend! We are heading to a family reunion tomorrow. We are praying for nice weather, not the rain that our weather guy promised. Drive carefully if you are traveling!

XOXO Tessa Ann*

(I am starting to create solid buttons to coordinate with the fancier sets. This will keep the price of the fancier sets down and give an option to add on!)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I hope everyone is enjoying their week. Kids are back to school, the hot days are starting to become less frequent and morning walks are crisp, cool and refreshing. Fall is truly my most favorite season. From the golden array of colors draping trees and streets to the light sweaters and trips to Starbucks for hot cocoa, fall is truly a magical season that is never long enough for me!

Steve and I have enjoyed taking our bikes out in the evening and riding around our neighborhood. There is just something about getting on my bike and feeling the breeze on my face as I peddle, that makes me feel alive and like all is well in the world. I guess it's sort of a nostolgic feeling, that takes you back to being a care-free child, riding your bike around your street until dark approached or mom shouted for you to come in. It also doesn't hurt that it's a great, FUN form of exercise :)

We have a family reunion to attend this weekend. I have had mixed feelings about going and I feel very guilty about that. Maybe selfish is the right word? This reunion is Steve's side of the family and with the recent loss of of Grandpa, it's tough, emotionally, to go back to their home and see Grandma there, but no grandpa. He was the one who would excitedly come to greet us when we arrived. He was excited to show off his yard, his garden, his hobby. He told us many stories of his life and I enjoyed listening to him share so much with us. They both have always made me feel very welcome and a part of the family. I miss him dearly. It's just so soon, but I have to suck it up and be there for Steve. I know it has to be even more difficult for him to go back, so I need to be there for him and be strong like he was for me when my beloved Grandma Ann passed away.

I've spent some time creating some new goodies for the Etsy shop! I used to have quite a variety of felt flowers and paper posies in the shop, but when the buttons became such a hit, I stopped making as many. It was time. Time to fill the shop up with more goodies :) I even created some felt flowers that would be lovely as a brooch! Don't worry, there will be more buttons to come! In the next few days many new styles of buttons will be added to the shop, some to coordinate with the following goodies!

Have a great week and I hope you enjoy these little handmade creations!