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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Giveaway winner and some Etsy finds!

Thank you for all who shared a bit about your little princesses! I ended up printing out the answers, cutting into tiny strips of paper and having Steve pick one out. And....the winner was....................... Jaimielynndesigns

JaimieLynnDesigns said...
God has blessed me with two girls and my little one who will be turning 5 in two weeks would jut love to strut her stuff in such cute duds. Thanks for the chance!- Jaimie.

Congratulations!!!! You are our winner of the custom Modish Princess outfit! Shana from Modish Princess will be in touch with you about your special design!


If you popped in here Thursday, you would have seen several different blog backgrounds...lol. I think I've bought and downloaded at least 6 backgrounds, but none really made me go...."yes, that's it!"

Well, I am not completely sure this is the "one" yet, but I do enjoy the colors and we'll see if it sticks :)

In my venture to find a new blog background I came across many sites that I thought would be fun to share with all of you if you were in need of freshening up your own blog!

I've also been doing some shopping on Etsy for my packaging. My favorite part of packing my orders is gift wrapping each and every order. I love this part of my process. Choosing beautifully colored tissue paper, ribbon and trims....making the customer feel like they've received a little present!

Here are a few things I found on Etsy that I have really enjoyed spicing up my packages with:

  • I purchased several sets of labels in "thank you for your order," and my address labels from The Bohtique They make my packages look adorable! I will be doing a post later about packaging....yes, I am a wee-bit obsessive about good packaging!

  • I have also found a deep love for this "paper lace" by Brookerpie. I have 3 colors now and need MORE! She also makes super cute button rings that she included as a gift in my order and I really love wearing it!

  • Sugarelli is a wonderful graphic designer. I sought her out to redesign my packaging toppers, the ad you see at the top here and shop banner. She's amazing. I just spouted off my idea in an email and VIOLA she came up with my vision. I am finally satisfied with my "brand."

Steve and I escaped again last Sunday afternoon to Brasada Ranch to take advantage of their VIP Champagne Suite Special. This is the same place I shared photos of at Christmas time. As a family, we rented a 3 suite cabin and enjoyed the holiday together!

This little one night get away was under $150.00 and felt like such a treat! The room was so dreamy and had the most luscious bathroom. I think I enjoyed the large garden tub at least 5 times during my stay...lol. The fridg. was stocked with champagne and refreshments, there were chocolates and biscotti. You know the funny part.........I totally brought my work with me and created buttons and felt appliques while enjoying the mountain views and a nice cold glass of champagne. My parents joined Steve and I that evening for a nice dinner at the, "Blue Olive." I had Swedish meatballs and Steve had the 3 cheese penne pasta....aka-Fancy Mac-N-Cheese..lol. All was delish and so relaxing.

Here are the shots I captured as we were arriving to the resort. This is a long drive that winds up to the top of the hill where the ranch is:

A view of our room. A luscious king bed that was SOOO comfortable, a wet bar, the seating before the HUGE fireplace....I worked there...lol :)

The fireplace. The chairs are seated perfectly in front of 4-5 large picture windows which perfectly frame the mountain views that surround this resort.

My favorite part.............the bathroom. Lovely to the "T" Little luxury soaps, bath robes, and a dreamy shower made this room the one I spent the most time in..lol.

Well, that's it for today! I need to get back to making buttons!
Happy Mother's Day, Mommas!!!!!!!
:) Tessa Ann

Monday, May 04, 2009

Welcome, Shana from Modish Princess, our May Featured designer! Enter to *WIN* an original Modish Princess outfit!

Attention all Mommas!

For the month of May, I would like to welcome Shana from Modish Princess as our featured designer. Since May is Mother's Day, I thought it would be fun to feature a designer who was inspired to start her company after having her own little girl.

Modish Princess brings a style of trendy, yet classic couture girls sun dresses, hair bows, shoes and more! I have been working with Shana to create custom buttons and felt appliques for her hair bows and apparel lines. They are so cute and I only wish I was 5 again so I could wear them..hehe!

Modish Princess has *generously* donated a custom outfit to one of my readers! This opportunity will allow you to chose a fabric you love in her collection to create a your one-of-a-kind outfit for YOUR princess!

To be considered for this GIVEAWAY, please leave a comment below and share a bit about the little princess in your life!
*1.) How long have you been making children’s clothing and accessories?*
I started about 6 to 8 months ago, as just something I wanted to do for my little girl.

*2.) What inspires your designs?*
My daughter, she is my princess and she is a little bit sassy a little bit prissy and of course a little mode girl, hence the name of my company

*3.) Tell us a little bit about Modish Princess and your concept behind the boutique.*
Modish Princess is a total dream that became reality, I always wanted a little girl so when I got her it was all about her. And so when I started making bows for her I realized that I wanted this to be more then just making bows for her and I wanted it to be more then making it a business. I wanted it to be something that me and her can do together at a different level some day you know a "mother/daughter" thing.

*4.) How would you describe your style?*
I think that my style is very classic but trendy to go with the new styles from a newborn to a tween.

*5.) In 10 years from now you would like to see Modish Princess……..*
I would love for Modish Princess to be something big not just some place to come and buy accessories but also some place that mothers and daughters can come together and share a bond.

*6.) What makes Tessa Ann’s buttons a good match for your designs?*
Oh, from the first time I was browsing ETSY and saw Tessa's work I thought, ok this is so me..I just have to say... it is the "Classic Button" with the "Trendy Style". Tessa's work is an original. I see some impressions of her work out there but the difference is that she brings what I am looking for. I think I have more buttons then bows right now because I can not get enough.

*7.) Share with us your favorite pieces! (photos)*

*8.) Is there anything else you would like to say about Modish Princess?*
I love to create for my daughter and my goal is to help other moms make their thoughts or ideas a reality for their princess through Modish Princess.

Leave your comment by Friday at noon PST 5/8/09 and the winner will be announced on Saturday 5/9/09.