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Saturday, December 12, 2009

And the winner is.........

Brianna Soloski !

Thank you for your comment! You have won a $10.00 Gift Card to The Button Shop! To redeem your gift card, simply visit The Button Shop and pick what you would like to use your gift card for. Email me at shoptessaann@yahoo.com with your selections. {If you go over, no problem! I'll simply invoice you for the difference. You will also receive FREE shipping! }

Thank you everyone who left comments in the last couple of posts and especially those who shared their favorite ways to use buttons on projects :)

The Button Shop has been busy creating new buttons. I will be doing shop updates likely today and tomorrow with fresh new designs. I have a beautiful set of Cherry Blossom buttons that I can't wait to share with all of you. We have lots of new designs up our sleeves EVEN new sizes! JUMBO sizes!

In closing, I would like to leave you with some inspiration from an amazing site called, http://www.weheartit.com/

All things......pink, pink and MORE pink!

There will be more giveaways coming very soon! I am also going to be doing a feature on "Customer Creations" that I will discuss more in the next post. I am also toying with the idea of putting together a *small* design team. So many thoughts for the upcoming year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tessa Ann*

Monday, December 07, 2009

December Featured Artist Rachel Mason -leave a comment to win a $10.00 Gift Card to The Button Shop!

I am proud to introduce the beautiful work of Rachel Mason for the month of December. Rachel worked with my "Snowbird" collection, as well as my "Snowflake" button collections to create these amazingly detailed projects below. Enjoy and be inspired by what Rachel has created for us! Grab a cup of warm coffee, tea or cocoa and sit back read Rachel's interview and see her amazing projects!

.:Win A $10.00 GIFTCARD to The Button shop:.
Leave a comment below about what you
about using buttons on your crafting projects or a compliment to Rachel's work today and you will be entered into a drawing for a $10.00 Gift Card to The Button Shop! (GC details will be posted along with winner's name on Friday 12/11/09 NOON PST.)

.:The interview:.
1.) 1.) Tell us a little about YOU and how you are involved in the scrapbooking industry?

Hi! My name is Rachel. I am wife to a handsome and supportive railroader and mom to 2 crazy boston terriers, 1 neurotic jack russell terrier, and 1 needy cat. We currently live in an adorable old home in Kansas City, Missouri. Because of my husband's career with the railroad, we live an exciting life, moving every couple of years. While this lifestyle can occasionally be difficult, it does provide lots of scrapbooking inspiration! I began "officially" scrapbooking in 1996, while still in college, after a friend introduced me to Creative Memories. I have continued to evolve my style over the past 13 years, working for a local scrapbook store and designing pages for other people. I have also been blogging since 2006 (www.rachiesplace.com) and just opened an Etsy shop that offers vintage love and crafting supplies (www.rachiesplace.etsy.com).

2.) What led you to scrapbooking? Do you remember that *first* time you sat down to create a page?

For as long as I can remember, I have collected memorabilia and photos...scrapbooking was just the logical solution to a "storage" issue!

3.) When you sit down to create, what are the essential items in your environment that you need to feel in the "mood" to be creative?

I am a super picky scrapbooker so setting the creative mood can sometimes present a challenge. My essentials are a clean studio, my iMac and Canon printer, and a happy movie playing in the background (current favorites are The Wizard of Oz, Finding Nemo, and Monsters, Inc.).

4.) I feel most creative when.........

I feel most creative a night when the house is quiet, the pets are sleeping, and my husband is napping on the couch or watching tv...if the family is content, then I am content and feel creative.

5.) How do you decide what you are going to journal about... and what is your favorite way to document journaling?

For me, journaling is more than just the basic facts of the photo (who, what, when, where), it is documenting how I felt or where I was at that time in my life. It is also often a personal reminder to slow down...to enjoy the ordinary and don't sweat the small stuff. My favorite way to journal is similar to my overall scrapbooking style...messy and scattered.

6.) What did you enjoy most about working with my buttons. How were they a good fit for your project?

I LOVE Tessa's buttons. I prefer to scrapbook with lots of loose elements...this gives me the freedom to mix other embellishments together for that "eclectic" look that I love. The buttons Tessa sent me to work with were beautiful in cool colors with a sparkly touch...perfect for coordinating with my snowy photos.

7.) Share with us your most favorite crafty creation! What are you most proud of creating?

My favorite project? Hmmm...I have lots and lots (each new project is my favorite). My most RECENT favorite though is a yarn wreath that I made per a tutorial from the Constant Gatherer (www.theconstantgatherer.blogspot.com).

Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity, Rachel!!!