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Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Creative Team Feature: Leslie Ashe!

Welcome Creative Member, Leslie Ashe!  Leslie's colorful, detailed scrapbooking and paper crafting art has always caught my attention on the web, as well as in many scrapbooking publications. Come get to know Leslie and be inspired by the fabulous pages she has created for us today!

Hi! I'm Leslie. I live in Texas with my cute husband and our 2 fabulous teenagers. Hands down, my fave people in the entire world...my fam. I am all things:  lucky, blessed, and soooo in love. Scrapping has been my passion now for over 12years.  Can't live without it! 

My day's not complete if I can't get a little creating done...
I'm a girl with a mind of her own. Not any one scrappy rule do I follow (are there any?). I create to create. Sprinkle me some of this and dab it with some of that...that's how I roll. 

I'm so excited to be here at Tessa Ann's Button Shop!
I LOVE buttons. Hope to spread inspiration to all of you, as you all inspire me more than you can imagine. I feel so fortunate to have scrapbook work published in Scrapbook Trends, CARDS, Simply Handmade and soon to be Creating Keepsakes.

I've got a few faves...want to hear them?
  • fave day of the week: Wednesday. (it reminds me it's getting close to the end of the week.)
  • fave food: mexican. (it makes my heart happy and my tummy too!)
  • fave color: pink. (no explanation needed. pink rocks.)
  • fave music - anything playing on my Ipod (can't live without it...)
  • fave animal: dog. (I have 4 myself...they think they're human and I let them..hee hee! which brings up another fave - puppy breath)
  • fave season: fall. (the smell rocks. the brisk wind rocks. fall...it just rocks)
  • fave scrappy thing:  Tessa Ann's DELICIOUS buttons.  OH man...If I could decorate the world with them, I WOULD! 
  • fave place to be: anywhere my family is. I love to hang with them, watching movies, shopping, anything.
  • fave place to scrap: my desk in my little studio. I just love being in there listening to Itunes or watching a fave movie.... 
 Leslie chose to work with our "Sweet Cakes" cupcake buttons.

Leslie used buttons to create a beautiful bow center and border for her layout.

A close up of how she used the buttons :)   So cute, Leslie!

"She's my cuppy cake" Seriously. That is a cute title. It makes me think of that cute "cuppy cake" song ;)
I just love the fun whimsy circular scalloped page shape and her handmade flowers are STUNNING!

Thank you, Leslie for inspiring all of us with your amazing pages!  I know I feel inspired to go create something pretty :-)  To see more of Leslie's work visit her blog at: www.leslieashe.blogspot.com