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Monday, March 12, 2007

From start to finish

Yesterday I spent a few hours just playing
in my studio.

Simply....playing. It felt great!

I gathered a an assortment of goodies that I wanted to play with an made a big mess across my table.....as you can see here..lol. Complete with my cup-o-coffee and candles....I was ready to see what I could come up with :)
The layout I created is about my sweet Dad.
I captured this shot of him using my new 300 mm lense...which I am still figuring out obviously..lol. I was pretty far away and he had no idea I was taking his picture....
Anyway.... I love those types of shots!

So, this is a page about his love of taking photos. I think we all share this love...actually our entire family loves
taking photos at any given moment. We all
usually have our camera in hand at each gathering. It makes for some fun photos.

So............here is the finished result.
I used A LOT of Hambly Screen Prints on this layout, combined with their patterned papers. I did use some Autumn Leaves papers and Fontwerks stamps. So, as you can see I didn't end up using everything I layed out, but it was fun to try creating in a different way than I usually do. {The background is actually a lime green color, but for some reason scanned yellow?}

I figured out a fun collage option on Picasa,
so I collaged a bunch of shots of my
favorite areas in my new studio.
Well, I'm off to rest..... I'm home sick today with a nasty stomach bug either that or I ate something that DID not agree with me. Ick. Lots of peppermint tea for me today :)

Enjoy your day!
XXOO-Tessa Ann Watte`