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Monday, August 14, 2006

Creative Living with Jennalynne

I'm excited to finally share what I have been working on for the last couple months :)

Check out www.jennalynne.com. She is the creator of the famous "oohlala girls" and "Bistro Boys" that you find in specialty botiques everywhere! She is also the author of several crafting and cooking books................and is coming out with her very own TV show! This multi talented lady also creates digital scrapbooking kits--- which is where I come in. She invited me to try out her products, creating layouts, and other fun projects. Since, I am not a digi-scrapper and will paper scrap 4-ever, I have created layouts doing what is called "hybrid scrapping". This is where you download the digi-kit and print the papers using regular photo paper/cardstock and use for scrapbooking! Below are 4 layouts that I downloaded digi kits and printed the papers to use for scrapping!! So easy and so fun..........and you can go back and print it over and over unlike regular papers :D
I am thrilled to have this opportunity!!!! Sadly, I will only be working with Jenna until January when I sign on with JUNKITZ!!! I am still excited for that to begin too. Well, that is it for now!!!

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Jana said...

So good to see you blogging! I already left you praise on your work at 2 peas but I also wanted to stop by here to tell you "hello" and that I just adore your work. I've actually been to Bend once and I remember it being very very beautiful! (I'm in South Texas)

Thena said...

I love your stuff!! What fun to work with you!


Vee said...


Jessica Bellus Photography said...

ok.. I LOVE your work.. and I want to scrap like you ;) seriously. very inspiring. I want to try to get into the freestyle side of things.. and is hybrid combining digi papers and reg. stuff??
anyways. thanks for commenting on my layout. Jess

Missy said...

Oh my tessa these creations are just beyond my comprehension....they ar so fabulous. I love the idea of hybrid scrapping, from a die hard paper scrapper. I am in such awe of your funky style. Great work. Have fun on the team in the time you have left.

preci28 said...

Hey Tessa,

so cool to find your blog!

I really love your new pages. Great idea to download and print things and then scrapbook!!!

Sherrise said...

You are the perfect person to have a blog!! I love your newest venture.. and you've done some beautiful stuff already!

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome idea to do hybrid scrapping.

Can't wait to see what you'll create for Junkitz :D


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