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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ahh...I just love Fall!

Steve and I ventured out and about this
weekend taking "drive-by" photos of all
the gorgeous colors Bend is displaying this time of year!
It was quite fun looking like a tourist with my
head out the window taking snap-shots
driving through town..haha!
But, it was fun.........and I wanted to be able to share with
you the gorgeous Fall splendor of Bend, Oregon.
In the next month, our town will be cove
red in a
blanket of beautiful white winter snow.
So, it a great time to enjoy
these few warm, vibrant fall days.

{The first pic is of the big trees at Pioneer Park. This park is so lovely and located in down town Bend. People often celebrate anniversaries and weddings in their lush location.}

{Just driving down the streets of Bend, you are surrounded by rich crimson reds and rustic oranges. While it is still warm, you can feel the slight shift of the season change.}

{This is the beautiful Deschutes River which peacefully weaves through our humble town where beautiful homes line its bountiful banks.} Posted by Picasa

{Wall street is Bend's business district. Monday through Friday the side walks are lined with men and women in crisp suits, carrying about their important business. On the weekends, Wall Street transforms in to a social place; a place where families walk hand-in-hand, window shopping through beautiful clothing and gift boutiques. People are seated outside of coffee shops and cafe's enjoying conversation with wine or coffee. It truly is such a wonderful atmosphere. The man in this photograph is a statue that is right down town on Wall street. While it does make me chuckle at the site , I wonder what the artist was thinking when creating this man.......looking into his empty wallet as the ducks observe. Too funny, but when I think of down town Bend, this guy comes right to mind!} Have a wonderful week! Tessa :-)

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Ali said...

Your pics are just gorgeous Tessa Ann~~ Love that time of year..We are heading into summer here and it is going to be stinking hot!!
Have a fabulous day
Ali x

Jana said...

Ooooooo, I loved seeing your Autumn pics....just beautiful! It's still stinkin' hot here in TX too so it's nice to see someone is actually experiencing fall somewhere!!!!

scrappy77 said...

Gosh these pictures of Bend bring back such fond childhood memories! Especially the Deschutes River! Thanks for sharing!!

Danielle Holsapple said...

Love the photos you got Tessa! Wish I lived in such a gorgeous place!

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