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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Christmas recap..... and some new projects!

I really hope that you had a very wonderful and memorable Christmas day!

Steve and I enjoyed our day so much! We arose and drove to my parents house for a Christmas breakfast of mom's yummy scrambled dishes and fresh muffins and fruit :)
Oh, yeah, don't forget the coffee.....yup gotta have the coffee!
After opening gifts from Dad and Mom we then drove to Heidi and Aaron's home for gifts there. Kind of like getting milage out of Christmas morning...haha! Well, it works for us :-) So, you guess it, then everyone came to our home to open the gifts from us. We drank hot chocolate and shared our gifts with Mom, Dad, Heidi and Aaron. I just loved seeing the expression on their faces as they opened their gifts. I think they loved everything :-)

Our family has always been all about tradition. We would always do the same thing each year. This year we decided we would all enjoy a dinner out!

And we did just that :-)

So....... my mom decided to reserve us a table at local favorite restaurant. It was nice to sit around a table together enjoying each other's company, not worring if the rolls were going to burn or if the dogs needed outside. We could *simply* focus on one another and visit. It was so nice.......................................that's until I spilled my glass of red wine in Steve's lap. Yes, I am a total clutz and that was only my 1st glass. So embarrasing. I often say that I receive my lesson in humility each day and I definitely did that day.

But, overall Christmas day was wonderful and I will remember the new traditions we shared together, the coversations we had at dinner and the experience of sharing a day together as a family. I hope we continue this for years to come!

{{{{The first picture is of our sweet family dog......Baily. He is my parents adorable Golden Retriever who is the most patient dog. Steve posed Baily with his very own doggy-santa hat. Then the 3 of us {Heidi, Dad and I} all shot pictures of him at the same time. The funny part is that he just stood stiff in that very position you see in the picture------ for--- forever it seemed...haha. }}}}

Here are a few projects I created today using the January Crop Addict Kit. I really enjoyed how bright and playful papers of the kit were this month!

My inspiration for this layout came from the photos of my sister Heidi and Baily sharing some love on Christmas morning. Too cute, huh?
This is another fun project I created today using product from the January Crop Addict kit. I received this tin as a Christmas gift from my mom. I decided to alter it into a tin to store my handmade cards.
I created tab-like dividers for the inside that display the catagories of cards >ie: Hello, Thank You, Congratulations, Get Well Soon and Happy Birthday.
Steve and I always need a card to give to someone for any occasion, so I thought this would be perfect! I think this would make a cool gift too?!!
The last layout, "LAZY" is one of those "just for fun" type layouts!

I often use my sweet cat Mozart to practice my photography on, so I usually have many photos of him.....most of them are of him sleeping..haha!

So, this layout features my sweet boy doing what he does best.........BEING LAZY!

Have a wonderful week!! Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XXOO---Tessa Ann Watte` Posted by Picasa

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PROLIX from la Normandie said...

Oh no! Awe!!!
I want a BAily!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He must have been so scared by seeing you flashing him in the same time that he prefered staying like this as a great philosophe!!! It's a "ruse"!!!

When a lo with this pic pleeeeeeeeeeease???


He's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Cheryl said...

Hi Tessa,
Noticed you had a blog so thought I would pop in and say hello . I can see you had a wonderful Christmas , love your photos especially the cute one of Baily, he looks so docile and patient:)
Great LO's !! I don't think I have seen them on Two Peas yet, will check that out.
I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful New Year.
( Cherrybob)

MichelleLanning said...

what great projects Tessa - I love that picture of the pooch!!! adorable - have a wonderful New Years!

Celia said...

Happy New Year girly!!!!!!!! Love the pics and of course your rockin layouts!!!!!!!! :D

Danielle Holsapple said...

Your dog is ADORABLE!!!!
And you rocked the 3 Bugs girl!!!!!

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Wonderful work! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. One filled with tons of tradition is so much fun! My best way to spend them! Happy New Year!

Jana said...

Happy New Year!!!!!

Kelly Deal said...

Happy New Year Tessa! Great stuff, as always, on your blog!

Leslie Ashe said...

Tessa, your blog is SO CUTE!! I LOVE your beautiful projects! Baily is CUTE!!!!!! Happy New Year to you cutie!! :) Hugs,

Starlight said...

WOW ho can resist this dog???
He is a real charming!
Loved the projects dear!
Ohhh Happy new year!
super hugs

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