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Friday, February 02, 2007

I had so much fun!!

I just love these people! My Tinkering Ink Family to the right.........>they were SUCH a blast to hang out with and I was so proud to be part of this team. It was so exciting to see the buzz around the show about the products we were showing. I loved talking with everyone, sharing our "latest and greatest" product. At times I felt a bit giddy when the editors of big magazines were hanging out at our booth talking up our wonderful new lines. It was truly nothing I've experienced before. I am trulygrateful for the opportunity they gave me to come and work the show.

It was SO neat to meet other scrappers and designers I've chatted with online in person. It was fun to chat with them and see that they were "actual" walking, talking people..haha. and just as sweet in person too!

I also treasured the part of getting to know the team I work with. I was the last DT member to arrive on Saturday, so I was a bit nervous to meet everyone. But, I shouldn't have been nervous.........they were the most warm and welcoming people I've met. I instantly felt comfortable with them and shared MANY laughs throughout the week.

We attended the Martha reception together on Sunday night and the 2 Peas Ice Cream Social. It was fun to see all of the garden girls in person. The part I enjoyed most was seeing their work in person. Scanned versions of their work just doesn't do them justice. The details and creativity of each layout was mind blowing.....and SO-SO inspiring. They were so down to earth too.

As you can see from the pics we had a lot of
"Silly" moments. But, to me that was fun. It was fun to have these moments to reflect on and
I look forward to seeing them again!

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Nat said...

How fun!!! You must have had a blast! Oh well...maybe some day the little Kraut goes too - LOL!

Toni said...

Looks like you all had a blast!! I have to say that all the ladies at the Tinkering Ink booth were just SUPPER sweet!!!

Jana said...

Ok, I'm SOOOOO bummed our paths never crossed at CHA! I was too busy working and hardly got to walk the floor so I missed SO much. :-( I "know" Ticee from another board we used to post on, looks like you two had fun! If we end up going to CHA Summer we MUST meet, ok??!

PROLIX from la Normandie said...

Hey, Nat, hope we'll be able to go together!!!
it would be so great friend!


Tessa, so lucky gal you are! I'm so happy for you! Go on to enjoy!!!

Giant hugs*

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Anonymous said...

Great seeing you at CHA!
Don't forget to send me your new email!
Fiber Scraps

Caroline said...

ah, the tinkering ink booth was crazy ;) LOL
LOVED meeting you, tessa!!! :)
(there's a pic on my blog, BTW)

MichelleLanning said...

so sad I did not get to meet you in person -- your booth was bustin at the seams when I walked by!

Vee said...

looks like you had a blast
can't wait to see this paper IRL
looks so pretty and vibrant!

Emilie Ahern said...

Oh...my jealousy GROWS and GROWS! Wish I could have been there! Maybe I'll see you in California next year (I promise I won't be pregnant then!)

Kristen said...

Looks like you had a great time girl!!! I wish I could have went to CHA :( I just love looking at your amazing work!!! Keep all those beautiful creations coming!!!

Vivi said...

Hi Tessa!! It was sooooo nice to meet you at CHA!!
I loved your pics, looks like you guys had some fun :)
So, I'm back to Brazil now and had posted our picture in my blog (sorry it's in portuguese...but I'll change that soon). It came up so pretty!! I'm emailing it to you.

Lacintha said...

Hi Tessa..found you on 2 Peas..how lucky for you to be designing for Tinkering Ink! I hear they rocked CHA! i CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY GRUBBY LIL' PAWS ON SOME TI!...

Misty-Jo said...

So is Tinkering Ink a company you work for? Do you scrap for a living? What a great experience. How fun!!

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