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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mini, mini album and other random odd stuff :-)

I hope you have had a very wonderful week! Isn't it great that tomorrow is Friday! And...best yet! Spring is sooo close :) I'm really looking forward to some warmer weather. I'm happy I can stay up late to create.... I have tomorrow off, so I am pretty excited to have some extra scrapping time! Yahoo :)

Well, I've had a great week filled with a few fun new opportunities that I'm thrilled to share. A couple of days ago I found out that I will have 2 paper covered candles using Tinkering Ink's Westminster line in Paper Crafts "Home-to-home" issue. This is my first time being published with this magazine and to think....this was the most simple project I've created to date...lol, but that's what they liked, the simplicity of it. So, that was exciting! I will also be the May Guest Designer for Pencil Lines. Junkitz is the May sponsor there, so I'm excited to be a part of it!! Pencil Lines is a fun site that is filled with cool sketches and so much inspiration! I've seen sketches there by scrappers such as Ali E, Elsie and Lu Braxton from Hamby and many great UK scrappers. So.... this is quite a honor to be a part of.
Aside from that, I've had some time to spend creating and I've mostly played. I know that is bad, but sometime you just have to simply relax and play. It really helps with getting the flow back when you have projects that need to be done :) So far it's working great for me.
Below...(I think the image will be below...haha, I apologize my post are always so wonk) Any way....... So as you see here, I've altered a mini-tin by Maya Road. I've had this little tin sitting on my desk for a while trying to figure a way to use and and came up with this idea. I've created a tiny-tiny mini accordion album by simply tracing around the tin to get my shape, and cutting approx. 1 inch x 6 inches strip of lime green cardstock..which was then folded into an accordion shape. Pretty easy. It was fun to embellish such a tiny little book with such small details and photos. I went with a "W" theme throughout the book for our initial :) So, as you can tell, I really enjoyed creating this little album.

Aside from scrappy stuff, I've been having a lot of fun decorating our new home. My recent favorite purchase is the gorgeous ottoman you see pictured, somewhere on this page...lol. I am in LOVE with black and white schemes lately and have decided to decorate my closet (yes, I know I am silly for decorating my closet, but it's the biggest walk-in I've had, so I couldn't resist, lol) So, when I came across this gorgeous piece of furniture for only $41.99, (reg. $120.00) I had to have it! And.....it totally reminds me of Tinkering Ink's Nior Blanc line. Man, I cannot wait to work with these papers! I think I may have to buy some...just to put it frames....yes, I like it a lot ..lol :)

And....lastly, I used the collage pic I posted last time for a layout of my new room. It was such a quick and easy layout to create and I love the funky feel of it. Someone commented on this layout and asked if I liked Betsy Johnson clothing...lol. IT totally made me laugh, because that fits me so well right now, scrap-style wise. I always have a difficult time defining my style and I think she's right...the crazy color combos, the polka dots the mesh....on and on. Yup. that fits me..lol.

Well, I just want to wish EVERYONE a wonderful weekend! Whew.....sorry, that was a long post. If you made this far, have a great night!
And a belated congrats to all of the 2007 HOF and HM winners!!! I cannot wait to see your fabulous work ladies and gents!
XXOO--Tessa Ann Watte`

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hannakj said...

Wow so cool tin you altered. I just found out pencillines in last week and did a layout for current sketch. So much fun! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

Nat said...

Love the tin and projects - awesome!!!

sohpiasmom said...

Man, that ottoman is GORGEOUS...I think we have the same taste...lol! And I LOVE the last layout...so awesome!

Celia said...

OMG!!! You always have such CUTE stuff!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the tin and the layout! :D

Micaela said...

The itsy bitsy albumn is soooo cute Tessa! Love it!

Also love your layout, well done girlie!

Ruth Akers said...

Fabulous taste in home fashions my friend. I love it!!

Heather said...

Hey Tessa! Sorry I haven't been in touch lately. Thank you for your very kind letter. I am finally moving this next weekend (the 7th) back home to Oregon but I'll be in St.Helens with my parents. Maybe I'll have to make a trip your way, I still would love just to visit that way! Your work as always is so inspiring!! I love your home decor and of course all of the altered things you work on! Beautiful layouts, so happy for you and all of your new space! I smiled when I saw the title for your room layout - sweet escape, made me think of the song, never would have thought to reference song titles, there you go being clever again!! ;) Thanks for your support and I'll be in touch...Heather

Prolix from la Normandie said...

you're géniale!!!

ze frenchie

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

kaká said...

Love all the projects...

Caroline said...

that tin looks so cute. and that LO is awesome. and congrats on all the stuff!

Cindy Tobey said...

Super cute mini and I love the layout! And congrats on the PC toot!

scrappy77 said...

Wow! Congrats! I love pencillines! I can't wait to see what you do for that! Love your work!

Ali Russell said...

Hi Tessa,
Just looking through your gallery on SB.com and decidied I NNEDED to say hi!! So...HI!!
Feels like ages since we have emailed...Just want to say I think you are so talented and I am LOVING everything you are creating ....
Congrats to you and Steve on the house I bet it is AWESOME!!

Stop by my blog and say hi or email me sometime...
Ali Russell (aka starlilly)

charlotte said...

Cool little tin project you have made.
I have been browsing through your blog and I love your work! Great LOs you make and what a wonderful studio you have!!

I like your stuff! :0)

Take care,
Charlotte in Denmark

charlotte said...

OH!! I forgot to say that i have made a link from my blog to yours. I hope that is okay!?
I did that because your blog is so great! :0)


Tessa, I have been looking at you LOs a lot latetly, and I have to say: what an inspiration! I have been working on my little boy 1st birthday album, and I love how you use stars, circles, blue and red on your LO! Your work is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Jana said...

What a CUTE little album! I have some of those little tins but never would've thought of that!! Where are you???! :-)

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