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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Belated Happy Father's Day and some new layouts :-)

I hope everyone is doing well.
For me, I have really enjoyed learning a new job lately. Yes, it's been tough and I've arrived a few mornings with several notes of mistakes, but overall I am loving being part of such a wonderful vision. The passion of the doctor at my job is amazing. He is so dedicated and determined to discover individual health mysteries. I've been constantly amazed by the effects of his treatments and the monumental results he has created with each individual.
For me... I have been seeing the doctor about nutrition and health in conjunction with my training schedule. After a blood test and his research I learned that my thyroid was "clinically" hyper. As some of you may already know, back in April I started a very vigorous training and exercise routine. Maybe to some it wouldn't be considered "vigorous," but working-out 6 days a week was quite a change to my other-wise sedentary lifestyle. Umm... can we say, I've spent too much time on my bum doing the hobby I so love....scrapbooking.
Although, my weight hasn't decreased as much as I would like to to, I have made significant gains with my strength and endurance.
Although, learning that my thyroid and adrenal glands were not functioning like they were supposed to was a little disconcerning.... But, on the flip-side, I was happy and hopeful that the intervention to this was starting now and I could start to rehabilitate my issues. I have to admit that I thought..."Hey I'm only 28 years old, how can this be?!?" I was relieved to know that their was an effective treatment for me to rejuvenate my body. I am happy to begin this treatment and finally feel GOOD. Everyone deserves that, huh?!
So, aside from health and fitness, I've felt inspired to create some pages.
The first page... I took this photo of my dad on Father's day. He really wanted to play a game Crockett with the entire family. As soon as he realized that I was more interested in manning the camera, he became is usual goofy self..............playing the raquet like it was a guitar. LOL!
The second layout is of my dad and I. I guess I should dedicate this post to dads, a it seems like most of my work tonight is just that :) And, lastly........an oldie, but a good memory. I have quite a few older pics of my sis and I. On this particular day I was inspired to scrap this picture of my sister and I. As I started to create this page, I looked at the photo and tried to remember back to that day. Being only 4 at the time, I remember the fun my sis and I had accompanying my parents on many evenings to the beach, to simply watch the sun set. I think I need to break out more of those young-days photos and combine them with my memories.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week!!! Happy Friday and my wishes for the best weekend!
Happy Summer!
---Tessa Ann Watte`

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sohpiasmom said...

Hi Tessa! Love your blog and I'm glad you're doing so well with your job! I was just curious to learn more about your condition. I have a friend who has a condition with her thyroid, but not really sure if it's same as yours :)

Ingrid said...

Good to hear you are doing well in your job. Love to read your blog. Great layouts!

Micaela said...

Ohhh, loved checking out your latest yummy layouts Tessa...thanks so much for sharing!

Glad to hear you're enjoying your new job!

Vee said...

glad you are liking your new job and still on your workout regime.
love the lo's as always :)
have a great week!

Sosofofie said...

Just looking around the internet, bumps into your blog and i love what you create! Love your style!

Jenney said...

Great layouts, Tessa!!

I'm glad you're enjoying your job!

PROLIX said...

Salut you!

├ža va???

j'adore the wet dog LO, it's my fave!!!
so cute puppy!!!

I want the same one! lol

Love your style!

See U soon so!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Dragon Flaire DT Member

Cindy said...

Your new layouts are just yummy, Tessa!

FlutterinbyGirl said...

You've been tagged.

Visit my blog to see the rules and keep the game afoot!

I hope you play!

Erin Gudge

mimosa said...

I've jsut discover your blog and I love it : beautiful colors, beautiful layout!! Thnaks to share it with us!
Mimosa from France

Rebekah said...

you just inspire me endlessly!! thanks so much for the new inspiration :)

Celia said...

LOVE then new layouts!!! So glad to hear about your new job! :)

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