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Monday, July 23, 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Steve and I enjoyed our weekend together. We slept late on Saturday and hit the town to see what was going on. I love how there is always something going on here in Bend. This weekend was the "Tour of Homes." We were able to go in and view many gorgeous homes, homes that I dream of living in one day. 4.5 million dollar homes to be exact. I was in awe as we approached the drive ways to these jaw dropping homes. Each with a gated entrance providing the ultimate security leading to the most beautiful and elaborate home perfectly displayed on the mountain side and panorama views of all 7 snow capped mountains. The interiors opened to the outdoors through 14 foot raised windows. Floor-to-ceiling
aquariums with the most vibrant colored fish and lighting. 1000 bottle wine cellars and their very own theater. As I walked around, I couldn't help, but to stop and touch the nearest railing, closing my eyes imagining that this was my home, my lifestyle. Maybe some day, but it sure felt wonderful to dream. It was so, so inspiring most of all.

I've also recently had a HUGE life lesson. I think one of the biggest ones I've had to learn so far.

Do you know those times when you are presented with such an opportunity you feel like there would be nothing better and you couldn't wait to get started? That was me with my hope and excitement of making a career shift. I never expected this opportunity to turn into such a nightmare. I know I've continued to say I loved my new job, I now realize that I was saying that I loved my new job so much to hopefully make myself believe it. I won't go into explicit details other than saying. It was not a pleasant experience anymore and my self confidence was being greatly altered each day I was there. I have worked hard in the last few years learning to believe in myself and my abilities and day by day "this person" was making me believe in my self less and less. I am not ever one to quit. Heck, I had been with my last employer almost 3 years and the one before that 7 years. I have worked since I have been 17, so I know what having strong work ethics is all about. But, something inside of me was screaming. GET OUT OF THERE!!!! For once in my life I listened to my self and left. It has taken me a week to not feel totally worried and stressed about this decision. I have faith that what I am suppose to do in my life and as a career will present to me one day. I know that I am not wanting to get back into the same career path I've had for the last 1o years of running offices at medical facilities. I feel like I would like to pursue something creative. Something that I am passionate about. Something that makes me feel complete. I am not sure if that means going back to school, getting back into singing opera again or if I should pursue teaching scrapbooking in more venues. Whatever it may be I am going to take my time. In the mean time, I am enjoying tons of time to create, coming up with new class ideas to present and painting my scrap room.

Well, yes, it isn't what I expected to happen. But, I'm glad that I won't endure that place any longer. While I am upset that means losing out on my training, I know I can continue it on my own. I feel like I have the tools to continue what I was working for on my own.

Whew. I guess I needed to get that all out. If you have read this, thanks for your understanding.

XXOO-Tessa Ann

PS! Thanks to Lucy, Emine and Mo for giving me the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" Title!!! You are all the sweetest :)

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Rachael said...

Beautiful layouts!!!

I'm glad you listened to yourself, even though I am sure it was hard. Good luck with whatever you decide to do next! I know you will excel at it!! HUGS!

Eminepala said...

gorgeous layouts tessa...
And I really think you made the right decision... There are so many people that keep working in a job that they don't like... You had the nerve to say NO... I'm proud of you...

you are a sweetie


Davinie said...

Oh man, Tessa, that's so HARD to quit something. I'm so glad you stood up and did what's best for you .... and that you can afford to live in C.O. without your income, and be a homeowner! This area is tough.
We love doing the tour of homes too, and I always just want to dig through doors and look through cupboards... WHAT do these people do for a living? A floor to ceiling aquarium! Egads, the cleanup!
Love your new layouts!


Alycia Sanders said...

Good for you Tessa! Sorry it had to work out that way but I say go for what your heart desires. =) I'm so glad that you're enjoying your time off and would love LOVE to see more of you in this industry, you're such an inspiration!! Good luck with it all!

mdheiser@comcast.net said...

so hard to quit anything, it seems... cheers to you for having the guts and the self awareness to leave a yucky situation before you are altered for the worse by it! i'm sure you will be successful in whatever you choose to do next - and hopefully HAPPY!

Emilie Ahern said...

Oh Tessa...
Isn't life funny sometimes? I know you will look back on this shift in life as a turning point of positivity. I think it all has a way of working itslef out if you "follow your bliss" and that's what you did. Good for you sister! I am proud of you. Chin up and get tons of amazing scrapping done during this time!

tonya said...

You are very brave to do what your heart tells you. I'm sure you will be just fine. I wish I could walk away from my job. It makes me sad but the paycheck is the only thing keeping me there, well not really. I love the job itself just not the people I have to work with.

Good luck in all you do {hugs}

Michon said...

Congrats to you for following your heart and not letting a loser bring you into thier dispair with them! That takes COURAGE girl!!
I am soooo proud of you!

Jana said...

GOOD for you for following your heart and persuing your creative dreams! I know it'll pay off for you because you're so sweet & talented, just hang in there and don't give up. :-)

Raquel Daroda said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! They are perfect!!
Good luck for you Tessa! We are far but I want that you know that you have a friend here!!
Kisses ;)

Anonymous said...

Good for you to do what your heart tells you! I hope you find happiness wherever the world takes you!

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