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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hi there! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the end of this summer's season. Just tonight, Steve and I noticed that it was dark about an hour earlier. So...that means Fall and Winter are just around the corner. I sooo love fall and the golden colors and crisp air. Ahh...it's just around the corner! Steve and I have had a great couple of weeks since I've last posted. We have enjoyed attending the "Brew Fest" here in Bend. We went for a bit and enjoyed a few local brews before Steve had a horrible migraine headache and I took him home. Poor guy. He is never one to complain. Ever. But, a lot of things have been going on at work for him..... so a Friday night was the tip of his stressful week. Luckily he had most of this week off to rejuvenate and relax. He was so adorable today and when I was off getting my hair cut, he cleaned the house and finished up all of the laundry. I have no clue how he is able to accomplish so much
so quickly..lol. I swear I was only gone for a couple of hours and when I
returned the entire house was vacuumed and dusted and the laundry was
folded and put away. Like magic. Ha! I can never accomplish
that much in that little of time. Leave it to Steve..lol!
Yesterday, 8-21-07 was our 8th wedding anniversary :)

We slept late (um, like 11:00ish- YIKES). We had one of those mornings where I got up at 4 :00AM because I was thirsty and ended up waking Steve. We both sat and watched infomercials(yup..boring!) until about 6:00AM and both admitted we felt tired and went back to bed...uhehm until...(so embarrassing) like 10:55 AM. As soon as I was ready we went to breakfast and then to shopping. Mostly home decor shopping. We hit Pier 1 Imports for some yummy candles for our home and some great smelling hand soaps. Pretty simple on this round, compared to some shopping trips we've had..lol :) We stopped off at ShopCo for a few other *simple* home items on our way home and side-tracked ourselves with the *baby* section. Yikes. Oh, boy. I totally am ready. Nuff said there...lol :)
We ended our evening with a lovely dinner at a place we have *always* had a hard time getting reservations for. It was nice, except our table wasn't the most private. The food and service was wonderful and we both enjoyed the most luscious bottle of delicious Pinot Nior. Yummm.... We stopped off at the video store on the way home and rented a couple of scary/freaky movies that kept us on the edge of our chairs for the rest of the night. It was a great 8th year anniversary. Even if it was a simple one. The best thing is that I am SO thankful to have such a wonderful guy in my life.

Aside from festivities and anniversaries, I've been really enjoying working at my LSS, Scrapbooking Outside Of The Box. It is fun to help customers find what they are looking for, explain the use of new product and just *simply* be there. Seriously........just being there makes me happy. I was telling Steve the other night that when I open up the shop, I simply walk in...turn on the lights, take a deep breath and look around, feeling thankful to have the opportunity of being surrounded by such beautiful things....things that make me happy and full. I love it there :) Simply stated, yet.....so true.

In closing, I am sharing a couple of layouts I've created. I've been scrapping a lot of things I can't post right now, but with these two layouts I've had a lot of fun trying a few new techniques. Mostly paint. I think it's fun to add a different textures to my pages. I admit it's still a bit scary, but I'm having fun having a new technique to play with!

Well. I hope you ALL have a WONDERFUL week and enjoy some time to create beautiful things :)

XOXOXO---- Tessa Ann Watte`

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Estee said...

Happy Anniversary to you! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love your new layouts, such vibrant, gorgeous colors!!! Have a happy Thursday!!!

Melita said...

Hey Tess! Happy Anniversary to you and Steve. I too am ready for Fall -- enough of this heat already! Adorable new layouts! Can't wait to see you work your magic in person. 6 weeks! Woo hoo! Take care!

toofclnr said...

Happy Late Anniversary Tessa, only one day behind ours...so neat. Only 2 years here thought, congrats on 8 whole years!!! Sounds like you two had a wonderful time! Sounds alot like our night, with staying up late watching informercials. we did the same thing and ate in bed too of course.. he heee.... crazy how comfortable love can get after a few years isn't it? Great memories!
Also, LOVE the song you have on your blog, funny i heard it for the first time the other night in the car and immediately fell in love with it! ha ha ahaa....so cute!!! it really just makes you smile!
Have a great day!!!

Kelly Deal said...

Happy Aniversary to you and Steve! Shhhhh, there are times the hubby and I sleep until noon! Yikes!

scrappy77 said...

Happy Anniversary to you!! Congrats on 8 years, that's so great and you two seem like you are so happy!! Love your los! Oh I love Shopco, in fact my aunt works at the one in Bend! Sounds like you are ready for a baby! It's the next step!! ~Monica~

Staci said...

happy anniversary......love the new layouts......!!!

scrapnnMO said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Steve!!

I have some great news for you to read over at my blog. When you get the chance. It has to do with our filly 'Shadow'!!

Love your newest LO's!

Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
I'm so excited I found your BLOG! I so enjoy your work and creations...always so inspiring! xoxo

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