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Sunday, October 21, 2007

This and that...and some new class layouts.

What a nice day it was. Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the day in doors watching movies with the smell of yummy pumpkin spice candles and fresh brewed coffee permeating the air, the fire place crackling.......oh yeah, and scrapbooking of course LOL Well,that was me today.....totally relaxed, comfy and in complete creating mode :) Steve joined me....and Mozart.....while I was scrappin' away in my room for a few movies. For once I had my camera handy and I just thought they looked too adorable just chillin' in the big chair, coffee in hand...all cuddled up and cozy. It totally looks like he was sleeping, but nope.... just relaxed :) Oooh... look... Mozart is even watching the TV too...lol :)

Thursday night we decided to go and get some pumpkins at the store and carve them. Yes, I know……by the time Halloween comes they will be smoochy, but I couldn't’t resist. Heck, we can buy more. Right?!?!
We bought some cute templates and carved our designs carefully…um/or rather not so carefully into our pumpkins. I made the cat face design and Steve created the goofy face and the face on the smaller pumpkin. Man, I’m slow carving a pumpkin ...ha! We enjoyed some wine while we were carving and yes, that ensured a heck of a great time with the whole process, except when Steve broke the small carving knife. That totally ended my detail work.
Steve has been funny about lighting them each night. Yes, he is a bit corny, but I love that about him. He really enjoys the simple things in life. He is a great counter balance my personality. Anyway. I tried. And tried. To take a great photo of them lit at night. It just was not happening. But you get the gist of them . I suppose I really should invest in some photography classes in the near future.

Friday night I hosted a birthday party for my dad at our home. He loves chili, so I decided to make him chili from scratch along with his favorite cornbread and sweet tea. We had a great time together!

This week I created the pages and card for an upcoming class that I'll be teaching at my LSS. We are going to use 4 pieces of patterned paper and create 3 completely different looks along with a card to use up the scraps. I am incorporating a little bit of painting the background, along with lots of layering and and a dab of doodling frames. It will be fun to do, I think!

Well, I've already written a bit of a novel here. I just want to wish everyone a wonderful week. I hope all is well where ever you are :)

XOXO----Tessa Ann Watte`

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Anonymous said...

Cute photo of Steve and Mozart. Your pumpkins look great. You should have seen ours, it looked terrible!

Kelly Deal said...

Cute photo of Steve and Mozart. Your pumpkins look great. You should have seen ours, it looked terrible!

8:21 PM

Claire said...

Waouh, I really enjoy your job ! Your creations are so gorgeous, it's fabulous, your lasts are so terrible !!! Thank you and sorry for my bad english

Jana Eubank said...

I'm continually amazed at your talent, Tessa! Gorgeous stuff!

Suzie Webb said...

I think you pumpkins turned out great!
Next time we're at the store together, you're going to have to show me how to insert photos w/o chopping them off..ok?
Love your new layouts :)

casey boyd said...

Tessa, I love these layouts, especially the touches of black and white and the doodling! Let me know some of the upcoming dates of your classes, I might have to make another trip over:)

P.S. I found the envelope I was suppose to have sent over to you tucked between the seats in my car...I will get that over to you, didn't forget!

PROLIX de Normandie said...


merci pour tout!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Wendy said...

wow these pages are just gorgeous!!! and you are right he looks really comfy!

Melita said...

Awww ... they are too cute!

I need those same photography classes. LOL!

Gorgeous lo's!

Have a great week!

Rach said...

Hi, am new to your blog but I love it, the pictures are fantastic. Will be back to see more

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