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Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy Weekend everyone ;)

Is it just me? It feels odd that today is already Friday. I think that with 2 holidays in a row at the beginning of each week that I have lost track of what day it is.
Well obviously, Friday is always a good thing. Steve is always so busy during his work week and so worn out when he arrives home, that having the weekends to hang with him is always a good thing :)

I have been hitting the gym really hard this week and doing tons of cardio. It really feels good to have a routine again with my fitness. Although, I can bearly straighten my arms out from doing my upper body weights, it feels great to actually have sore muscles to complain about again. I've been cooking at home almost every night. I have totally impressed Steve with my cooking abilities. Hey, I didn't know I could cook a good meal either. I must have some of my beloved Grandma's cooking gene's after all.ha! I've been using www.allrecipes.com to get a lot of my recipes. It has been fun to try different variations of things I wouldn't normally even think of. It's nice that I can control what goes into our food, making it much healthier for the both of us....not to mention the $$ we save by not eating out so often.

I've been eyeing some papers and embellishments at my LSS by Prima and finally broke down and bought them. Last night I played and this is what I created :) The photo is of my sister and I just a few weekends ago. Heidi is totally my motivation to get this weight off. She has never been a big girl, but she recently lost a TON of weight by doing Weight Watchers. Just seeing her shrink to a nice size 4 I am totally inspired....oh, yeah that and the New Years day marathon of "The Biggest Loser" totally gave me the kick in the rear I so desperately needed/wanted. Uh, can I say...WISH ME LUCK---lots of it!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend!!!
Hugs, Tessa Ann Watte`

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~Nancy~ said...

First of all: Happy new year!!!! And wow... so good you're hitting the gym that hard.. I really had planned to start working out a little bit this week.. but uhm.. I was kinda lazy.. whahaha!!! Love that layout of you and your sister.. you sure know how to play with these yummie papers!! (hey..and you guys do look like eachother!!!)


Debbi T said...

Adorable photos! I just love those yummy colors and all the layering! Congrats on being featured on Explore, Experience, and Expand Your Mind! I just love your work, Tess!

Tracey said...

Thats a Beautiful layout Tessa ( love the pics )
Goodluck with the joining the gym .. and Hopefully the saying " No pain No Gain " works lol.
I have a treadmill and decided to actually use it ... my legs feel like dead weights ... urrrghhh.
Ohhhh and Happy new Year !!!
Is this the year you plan to extend the family ?

Aline said...

Gorgeous layout!! And Happy New Year! :)

engineeree said...

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since i found this blog, quickly drop mu comment :) i new in this blogger. so hope u can help me..

see u later freind

Rosena said...

Tessa this is fabulous! Love the photo of you and Heidi! You put alot of detail in this lo. Great job with the scallops especialy between the photos! Great Job!!
Luv Ya!

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