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Monday, February 18, 2008

Back in action! ( and my most embarrassing moment to date...ugh)

Wow, I realize it has been forever since I updated here. As some of you know I attended CHA with Tinkering Ink last week. It was wonderful to see everyone again and meet a few scrappers I've never met. Here is a picture someone took of our team in our adorable shirts that match one of the papers from the "Wild Woodland Line".

It was fun! We had a new shirt to match a different paper each day. Loved that :)

As always I had a wonderful time. We enjoyed nice dinners as a team in the evening at Down Town Disney and had fun chatting and taking pictures of each other. We took turns sharing our "secret talents" and our "most embarrassing moments". For the life of me I couldn't think of one....not saying that I've never had an embarassing moment---oh, yes I have. I just couldn't think of one.......That was until I was on my way home in the Seattle Airport. It was around lunch time and I decided to go and sit down at one of the restaurants, read my book and enjoy lunch and a nice glass of wine. Sounds great so far, huh? Well I had about 15 minutes until my plane borded, so I requested my bill. Again, no problem, right? I handed the lady my debit card and when she returned, she stated my card had been "reported lost". I was totally confused and had NO idea what she meant. I started digging out all of my other ID's (insurance card, drivers license, CHA badge) all the time stating "It's my card, I didn't report it lost"! She finally took me over to the computer screen to prove it and indeed it said "Card reported lost". Oh boy, I thought. I only had $11.00 in my purse because I always use my debit card and I don't carry credit cards.... The tears welled-up in my eyes. "How in the heck was I going to pay for my meal"? Totally embarrassed I explained that my husband works for the bank our card is through and that I would call him to check it out. Luckily he picked up his line right away and checked our account. Yikes. Someone had stolen our debit card number and charged $600 plus on our debit card that very morning, so the fraud department had froze our accounts to protect us. Greeaaat..... Steve said he would call the fraud department and call me right back. I explained to my waitress who due our language barrier, started yelling, "Why your husband need to call the FIRE department!!" I finally said "fradulent department" and she totally got what I meant. By this time I was panicking and had only 8 minutes before my plane left. I remember sitting there stressing..."Steve, hurry please call me back!" when I decided to just call my mom. All excited to hear from me she answers the phone, "Hi! Tess, how are you!?!" I lost it. I started sobbing (yes, this was SOOOOO damned embarrassing---I totally lost it, right in the middle of the restaurant) Sobbing, I said to her, "I am at lunch here in the airport and I can't pay for my meal!! (sob, sob)" I quickly explained what had happened with my card and she tried calming me down saying don't be embarrassed you will never see these people again. She told me to give the phone to the waitress and she would take care of it. Oh, man. I totally thought I was both missing my flight and I would be rolling up my sleeves and washing some dishes in the back. So mom to the rescue!! I paid and ran to get on my plane, which luckily was a short distance. Red faced, watery eyed I took my seat and was relieved that MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT was over.

So....I lieu of this most embarrassing moment, I challenge you to share yours here, or better yet create a layout about it....that's if you can stomach it..lol. I'll draw 2 names and RAK both of you! I dare you..lol. Yes, I can laugh about it now, but man-o-man I wanted to crawl under a rock.

Changing key here, I would like to share one of the last layouts I created for fun, just before I left for CHA. As some of you already know, I used to study opera in college and dreamed of being a famous opera singer. Um, that lasted until I met my dear love, Steve and I changed my mind completely. Do I miss it. You bet, but I wouldn't change the life I have for nothing. Here in Bend, OR we have a local opera company, so the opportunity is there if I choose. Up until last year I still worked with a vocal coach, but after much thought I stopped. I just wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in. Going professional meant a lot of travel and being away. This was the year I was suppose to do the Met Opera Audtions. Maybe I'll change my mind before I am too old, but if I don't I am perfectly content with what memories I do have of my years singing.

This layout was about the time in my life where I worked so hard for the State competition and won "State Champion Mezzo Soprano" It was such a huge honor for me and in these pics I can't believe how young I looked..lol. My parents took these pics the day after I won the title in front of the University of Oregon Music Hall. I'll never forget that night. Sitting with my coach and other singers awaiting the placings.....3rd place goes to ____________, 2nd place goes to ___________ (honestly when I heard 2nd place, I thought there was no way I had placed.....just as I was thinking ah, bummer, but at least I tried I heard everyone in my group SCREAMING and I heard my name, "Our State Champion Mezzo Soprano goes to Miss Tessa Ann Cotton of Coos Bay, Oregon!" I barely remember running down from the balcony, down the isles on the stage to receive my award. It was so sureal and I couldn't believe I had accomplished my goal. It really taught me that if I worked really hard for something I could achieve anything.

If you have gotten to this point, thanks..lol. I meant to keep this post short, but once I get started sometimes I can't stop..haha!

Enjoy your week!

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Jaime Lea said...

Oh man, T! I would have been just as upset as you were about the bill thing. I'm glad you got it all straightened out and didn't miss your flight.

Your lo about becoming state champ is fantastic! I am honored to know a near-famous opera singer. I missed my shot at an autograph. Shoot!

I miss you!

Tracey said...

Ohhhh Tessa ... Thanks for the laugh ...
I think my most embarrassing moment would be after my 2nd child was born I went for my post natal check and had to have a ... pap smear .... ok so I hate them ... so I just moved my skirt down ... the doctor finishes her job and I pull skirt up and leave office .. I walked back to a friends house and when I got there I said to them that people driving past me in cars kept staring at me .. so they tell me " no wonder when you have a sheet protector hanging out the back of your skirt" ..I neally died from embarrassment

ania said...

Omg!! Dang I'd just sit down and cry I think haha. So glad it ended good afterall..and I think it's quite intriguing that you've been singing opera...so cool! :) I can't think of any embarassing moments (not to say it havent been any!!) atm. Unless you count the times where I forget that I'm now old and don't have as nice a body as I used to and kinda ignores that when chosing what to dress :p

Michelle said...

oh tessa. welcome home. it was so fun meeting and hanging with you. Hope your foot is feeling all better. I did have an embarrassing bit on the flight home myself too. The in flight movie made me cry. Embarrassing. Crying on the plane over some stupid movie....hahaha

MishaLee said...

Tessa...welcome back! My gramps always told me to keep a $20 or two behind my drivers license...maybe I will now. Glad it turned out okay.
Love the layout.
I have enough embarrassing moments to fill an album. I had a boss who called me Grace...due to my lady-like gracefulness...I'm kind of a klutz, which causes much embarrassment...you learn to live with it I guess. ;o)
So glad you are back...my Bend fam says snow is in the forecast this week...bundle up!

Anonymous said...

Tessa, thanks for making me laugh. That is not that embarrassing tho...I thought you were going to say you spilled something on yourself or tipped over a plate of food. LOL! So glad your mom could bail you out and you got your flight on time. i'll have to think of a moment...I'm sure there are many but to think of one, ya, not so much! Anyways, great seeing you girl!! Love that layout too! :)
Hugs, Sonda T

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that story ! And this layout ROCKS ! Im a fellow bad girl and you are on the CAddict DT w/ alot of my online buddies. You are very talented !
Have a great one !
Jenn :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the LO, but I think I have your embarrassing moment beat. I was in Vegas with my (now) husband - he was there for a conference. I was in the lobby of our hotel, as I needed to send a fax to a co-worker. I was sitting in a chair, filling out my form. I got up to go to the front desk - I NEVER saw the small glass coffee table in my path. The next thing I knew, I was flat on my stomach on the table...my flip flops flew off and my papers were EVERYWHERE. I couldn't believe it it! I'm sure everyone in the lobby thought I was totally drunk. To this day, I have a little bruising on my shins to remind me of my MOST embarrassing day :)

Linda said...

oh my goodness, I know exactly how you feel, I have so been there and it is embarrassing to just start sobbing in front of all of those people....glad you are laughing now. Thanks for the wonderful lo and challenge.

Hooliganmama said...

Glad you are home. I am planning to make it over to the store sometime next week. Been scrapping alot and I need to replenish my supplies.
So sorry for your airport moment. My worst, I have had so many, would have had to have been walking down a hallway at a bigh church music conference. I didn't have my glasses on (mistake) and I walked up to my hubby and rubbed his chest and said "are you ready to go honey?" I looked up at him and realized that I was rubbing a total strangers chest!!! Boy was my face red!!!

Melita said...

Hey Tessa! Glad you had a great time at CHA! OMG! I would have died too! Poor thing! What happened to the brave girl who confronts "ladies" working the bar area? LOL!

My most moment was when I worked for Dept. of the Navy and I was talking to the Commanding Officer in his office. We were having some deep conversation when all of a sudden I felt the elastic in my slip give and my slip feel to the floor. Um ... how do you recover from that? (GULP!)

BTW, you've been tagged. Check out my blog for details.

Miss you!

Natalie said...

I feel your pain!

A couple of years ago for my dd's 5th grade trip we went to Philly and stopped to eat. Another mother and I were talking as we were walking to the rest room. There were no doors and we walked in. There looking at us were a room full and I mean full of men. I think what are these men doing in the women's restroom. Then the DUH moment, OH boy we are in the men's restroom. We both turn red faced and laughing out into the hall. All I could think of is I am a Peeping Mom now. It got around real quickly and still to this day, I hear about it from the other parents.

Babydoll said...

Poor you!! Sorry that happened. Your layout is great though!

iris said...

You have so much talent Tessa! I can't wait to see your creations for badgirlskits.

Davinie said...

I would have stopped the plane for my, my friend! And if I'd seen you I would have bought you lunch too! At least now you have a funny story to share when the next girls' night gossip session arises!

Glad to see you at CHA! I have our little photo on my blog. :)

Queen of Paper said...

oh Tessa... I'm so sorry all of this happened! You poor thing.

I have another crazy moment. I once ran into a shelve at a house I was clean, to earn some money(while I was a teen). I was out for 30 mins and when the lady came home she found me laying there on her floor LOL sleeping on the job.

ScrapFairy said...

ahh you poor thing. I can't believe that no person in the restaurant offered to pay for you. But I am glad that it all worked out.
I will have to think about my most embarrising moment, great layout idea.

Stacey said...

ohhh you poor thing!! I can just see that happening to ME!!! I would've burst out crying right from the start!!! (thanks for the laugh though!!)
I would have to say my most embarrassing moment to date would have been a couple of weeks ago...We went to my husbands ex wifes church because they were doing something for my stepson...well I went in and sat down by my "ex-wife-in-law" said Hi, then looked up and noticed that HER husband hadn't sat down yet...so I decided to just scoot over to the next chair...only there wasn't a next chair...so plop I went..right onto the floor..right on my butt...in front of my husbands ex and her whole family! ohhhhh that was great!!! hee hee

Jennifer Sizemore said...

OMG - what a story that is!!!!!
Hope your account is all better now! Terrific LO!

Amber Risher said...

awww, you poor thing, you! Moma's always are there to help you! good thing you were able to get her on the phone! Ok, so I was like 16 years old and I use to take my brother and sister to school every morning. Well, I was about one mile away from school when chug chug chug my car ran out of gas in the median of the road. People that I knew were flying past me left and right. Well, I looked at the gas station on the right of me and told my brother and sister to stay put. I walked in and asked the cashier if they sold gas cans. She told me know, but another worker said she had a one gallon milk jug that she could clean out for me to get gas in....ok here's the kicker I said thank you and in front of everyone in teh store I said "how much gas do you think it will hold" everyone busted out laughing...I felt like such a dummy! Hope you have a great week!

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