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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Good Morning,
Just sitting here sipping on my coffee and thought I'd post a new blog! Two in one week....whoa ;)

It's definitely turned seasons in Bend. I can already see the leaves turning a golden orange and the cool weather has hit. Today we are in for some rain and possibly thunder storms. I *love* these kinds of days :-)

Today I am working on some custom orders for companies in the US and Europe that plan on using my cupcakes and button embellishments for non-scrapbooking related items! So cool :)

For those of you....ehem, Greta and Heidi...that I've promised a goody package in the mail....trust me I have not forgotten. I start to create your goodies and I get yet another custom order that needs to be done STAT and I get pushed back. But, my guilt is hanging right over my head and I'll be getting those out soon! And...you will love them....I hope..haha ;-)

I don't have any photos to share this week, but I was excited to share that my products have been featured on a few sites this week and I was interviewed on another. My flowers and buttons have also been getting in quite a few treasuries at Etsy which has totally been awesome and so fun to see!

Here is where you can find my interview.
http://www.soapdelinews.com/ The sweet gal, Rebecca the owner and creator of Soap Deli interviewed me and I just have to tell ya....She creates the most luxurious soaps.... Be sure to check out the pomegranate soap..yum.

Earlier this week, my lavender and lime green buttons were featured on
http://www.diyclay.com/. Scroll down a bit and you will see what I am talking about :-)

FancyPicnic.com featured my Autumn flower embellishment in their Saturday Shopping finds.
HERE to see....it's the flower on the bottom left hand corner. WOOT!

Well I better get going on those orders, as I need to get them to the PO to go out Priority Mail today......love going to the post office...totally said sarcastic. ha!

Have a wonderful day!
:) Tessa Ann

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~Nancy~ said...

I'm so happy for you that your gorgeous products are getting attention everywhere these days!! WOOHOO!!! Such a fun little business this way! XOXO

phamil said...

Tessa, it's wonderful that your beautiful buttons are getting the attention they deserve! I know you work hard, and they are totally awesome and unique!

Greta Adams said...

what did i tell you sista!! no worries... nice chatting with you on friday...we shall make a phone date again!


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