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Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Hair cut and my M-A-C glam-over, McMenamins

Hiya Friends!

I hope you are having a nice Saturday, relaxing from the long work week!

I just wanted to pop in real quickly to share my new look!

Finally I have found a stylist that is amazing with my hair.

F I N A L L Y !!

I have a lot of hair, it's just really, really fine, so I have a hard time finding styles that are textured and not flat. While visiting the M-A-C make up counter at Macy's last weekend, buying more than my fair share of make up, I was admiring some of the girls hair styles who were working there and asked where they got their hair done. They highly recommended Adam at The Hair Gallery. Ooh...I thought, I am sooo going to call him! I did and was able to get in this last Thursday. He was awesome, so meticulous and I am so happy with my style. I have bangs. I have not had bangs since I was a little girl..lol.

I was invited back to M-A-C for an event yesterday, where I was given a mini-make over. (SO ME!) It was so fun. The girls were dressed head to toe in black with red accents, red lips and 40's hair styles. (MY FAV ERA!!) Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra played in the background as my stylist, Steph created a new look using the new 08 Holiday collection. As you can imagine, I had to get those items too. Hey! They are limited edition..haha. I had to snap some pics to share....plus I totally need a new avatar photo anyway, so here ya go!

Well that was MY excitement for the week...lol! We did have a fun night last night......later that evening, Steven and I met up with my parents for local brews and dinner at our favorite spot, McMenamins. We enjoyed dinner, visiting and of course drinks ;) We were all not quite ready to leave so we headed outside. At the McMenamins here in Bend it is an old school turned into a hotel. There are so many fun areas to hang out, but our favorite is down a long whimsy path where a rickety fence opens to an adorable little pub with fire pits and outdoor seating. This is a place my family and I love to come to even in the winter during the snowy season. They have booming hot fires blazing in several spots, chairs surrounding them and many locals and tourists alike enjoying a combination of drinks....mostly McMenamins brews. We had one last brew around the fire and headed home. I watched TLC's "What Not To Wear" (my fav!) and hit the sack for a nice sleepy slumber!

Totally refreshed.......

Today I am just going to spend the day in my studio. I have several custom orders to create consisting of buttons and some felted hand stitched flowers that need mailed out on Monday. Steve just returned from picking up Jamba Juice. My ipod updated with some new favorites and I plan to groove to the beats as I create today.....ah, a perfect day, indeed! Tomorrow is my dad's birthday and he has chosen to spend it going to the local pumpkin patches and then back to his house to carve them. Yeah, I did mention it was a wee-bit too early, but nah, that's what he wanted to do...so that's what we'll do.ha! My family is super excited about one of the patches because apparently they have a zip line. Um, that means heights and fast speeds........this girl will NOT be doing that. I am totally NOT a fan of heights. Part of me would love to, but I swear I'll pass out if I did.

Well as per usual, I've rambled on and on.....so to end I'd just like to say...have wonderful weekend and ENJOY!


Tessa Ann

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Jana Eubank said...

How fun, Tessa Ann! I am so jealous! I could soooo use a makeover right now. Sounds like you are having a beautiful weekend! :D Happy Fall!

Alycia Sanders said...


you are gorgeous! love the colors on your eyes and how they did it! =)

happy weekend!

p.s. did I even tell you what the women in my class said? they loved them, thought they were sooo cute, and when i said they were custom they said, "where in the heck did you find someone that makes custom buttons?" and then i went on and on about you and how absolutely awesome your designs and custom creations are and for them to definitely check it out! so, hopefully they do!

take care!


chelemom said...

Dont' ya just love being fussed over! You look great!!!

Jessica said...

Love, love, love the new hair, Tessa! And the makeup is gorgeous too! You look so glam! :)

Heather said...

Love the new cut. Looks like you had a fun day.

Jan said...

Great blog, Tessa Ann, and love your new "do" too!

BTW, I just gave your Blog a Butterfly Award! (Check out today's post on my Blog for details. . . )

P.S. We met in Scrapbooking Outside the Box in Bend. . . remember?

dutchbird said...

I love the new hair!!!

Penny B. said...

You have gorgeous eyes! Your local attractions sound very fun & great for a leisurely get together. :)

angel31877 said...

This is my first time on your blog, so I don't know what you looked like before your new, but you look beautiful! That looks like how my hair is cut. I have to have bangs, that's just me! My BFF just moved back to Bend! I love your Etsy items, might be buying soon, or trying to!

kimosabescraps said...

Makeovers are so wonderful... you look like a model!
Love the color and highlights... I ;ll have to buy me some new fall makeup... need a bit of refreshing myself!
Have fun creating!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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