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Monday, May 04, 2009

Welcome, Shana from Modish Princess, our May Featured designer! Enter to *WIN* an original Modish Princess outfit!

Attention all Mommas!

For the month of May, I would like to welcome Shana from Modish Princess as our featured designer. Since May is Mother's Day, I thought it would be fun to feature a designer who was inspired to start her company after having her own little girl.

Modish Princess brings a style of trendy, yet classic couture girls sun dresses, hair bows, shoes and more! I have been working with Shana to create custom buttons and felt appliques for her hair bows and apparel lines. They are so cute and I only wish I was 5 again so I could wear them..hehe!

Modish Princess has *generously* donated a custom outfit to one of my readers! This opportunity will allow you to chose a fabric you love in her collection to create a your one-of-a-kind outfit for YOUR princess!

To be considered for this GIVEAWAY, please leave a comment below and share a bit about the little princess in your life!
*1.) How long have you been making children’s clothing and accessories?*
I started about 6 to 8 months ago, as just something I wanted to do for my little girl.

*2.) What inspires your designs?*
My daughter, she is my princess and she is a little bit sassy a little bit prissy and of course a little mode girl, hence the name of my company

*3.) Tell us a little bit about Modish Princess and your concept behind the boutique.*
Modish Princess is a total dream that became reality, I always wanted a little girl so when I got her it was all about her. And so when I started making bows for her I realized that I wanted this to be more then just making bows for her and I wanted it to be more then making it a business. I wanted it to be something that me and her can do together at a different level some day you know a "mother/daughter" thing.

*4.) How would you describe your style?*
I think that my style is very classic but trendy to go with the new styles from a newborn to a tween.

*5.) In 10 years from now you would like to see Modish Princess……..*
I would love for Modish Princess to be something big not just some place to come and buy accessories but also some place that mothers and daughters can come together and share a bond.

*6.) What makes Tessa Ann’s buttons a good match for your designs?*
Oh, from the first time I was browsing ETSY and saw Tessa's work I thought, ok this is so me..I just have to say... it is the "Classic Button" with the "Trendy Style". Tessa's work is an original. I see some impressions of her work out there but the difference is that she brings what I am looking for. I think I have more buttons then bows right now because I can not get enough.

*7.) Share with us your favorite pieces! (photos)*

*8.) Is there anything else you would like to say about Modish Princess?*
I love to create for my daughter and my goal is to help other moms make their thoughts or ideas a reality for their princess through Modish Princess.

Leave your comment by Friday at noon PST 5/8/09 and the winner will be announced on Saturday 5/9/09.

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Amanda Profumo said...

Pick me! This stuff is super cute! My daughter, Anna, is 4 years old and doesn't leave the house without a bow in her hair. She LOVES skirts and all things girly. She is fiesty and fun and her favorite color is "double pink". She is my princess in a kingdom of princes (3) and a king!

Alycia Sanders said...

Wow, what a great giveaway! Okay, so my little girl is 22 months old and is the girliest little girl that I know. She loves bags, jewelry, SHOES, and well, she loves all things girly. Which has been quite surprising to me since she's so little but, I guess it's in her blood. =)

Shana, your designs are awesome and it's sooo awesome that you're able to do what you love! Keep up the great work.

Tiersa McQueen said...

Wow! Those designs are awesome! Love everything on this blog. I've got to start getting the buttons.

Breanne Crawford said...

oh man! i would SO love to win something for my little babe and im going to check out her site now! thanks for the chance, tessa!

Suzi said...

holy cow, this stuff is so cute. my little princess phoebe would love it. she's 3 and is quite a little spitfire. thanks for sharing!

JaimieLynnDesigns said...

God has blessed me with two girls and my little one who will be turning 5 in two weeks would jut love to strut her stuff in such cute duds. Thanks for the chance Jaimie!

Babydoll said...

Really cute stuff!! My little princess is 5 going on 15! LOL! She's a sassy little momma and she LOVES all things girly.

Davinie said...

Love your new look, Tessa! Those dresses are adorable too! You know I have two little girls who would be super cute in one of those dresses!

Yhan n' Yette said...

i really really love the dress... perfect for my cutesy little niece... who knows i might win this! :D

QueenBee said...

I don't have any little girls myself, but have beautiful little nieces that would absolutely love this.

heaveneye said...


YOur outfits are super cute!! My princess is not my daughter.. Unfortuntely my daughter is 13 and tooo big and sadly has her own style of clothes....... (sigh)

My princess is my youngest niece, Addison who will be 2 this October! She is our precious angel!! Addison's mom had an ultrasound early in her pregnancy and we dicovered Addison was one of triplets!! Well after a tough pregnancy, addison was the only surviving baby.. Our Angel!! And Because the next closest child in age to Addison is my daughter (12 yrs difference), I love to buy sweet outfits for her.. So she is Extra spoiled!!! Those dresses would just be perfect for her sassy little self! I am a huge fan of Tessa.. I collect all her buttons!!

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