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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Custom orders....

Custom orders. Each one presents a new challenge and with each one I learn something new and my skills expand on so many levels. I love seeing what the final result is when the customer shares their project with me. I am always so proud to see my little handmade button shining brightly on a handmade sweater or scrapbooking page.

Terra, of Terra Dawn Photography contacted me this month to create custom buttons that matched her adorable owl logo with hearts surrounding the owl. I was pretty excited how they turned out and even more thrilled when she showed me this photo!  Teal and Red. *drooling* Yep. My favorite colors. She is using these for charms on the gifts she gives to her clients. LOVE it. If you need some good eye candy, visit her blog. I spent a good hour there pouring over her amazingly photography, particularly the wedding photos. My sister just got engaged and I just had to share it with her. So many wonderful, beautiful, creative ideas. www.terradawnblog.com

The schedule has been full of custom orders since the beginning of the year. This year we now are able to take on large orders for scrapbooking kit clubs. Our buttons are wonderful for the kit clubs simply because I can custom create any design to compliment the theme for the month. We were just included in the January Kit for Timeless Daydreams and have some upcoming kits that will be featuring our buttons as well. I ♥ that :)
My lovely and talented friend, Kristina (actually the one who made my new blog so cute) requested a custom order of happy, colorful cupcake buttons. This is what I created for her. I have made a variation of this set available in the shop.

I have a lot of customers that order custom buttons to match the paper lines they are working with for their scrapbooking albums. This is always a fun challenge and fun to try and get the colors just right. This custom order was to compliment the papers from Basic Grey Origin's line.  Again, I have a smaller set variation in the shop available.
Many more custom orders up on the list to finish and to create.

Join us Monday for our 1st Creative Team spotlight. Our 1st spotlight will be Rachel!  There might even be a button giveaway! Stop back on Monday and say hi!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It has been a cold and wet one here.  Steve and I went out last night with my family and had dinner at a super cute diner called, Lolas and then to Seven for drinks and karaoke (no, I do not get up and sing..lol..even though I'm a singer, it kills me to sing karaoke, I am tooooo serious about my music.haha. My parents LOVE it and its's cute to watch them..). Well, thinking about a nice nap or getting my workout in. The nap sounds better right now.. :) 

See you Monday!
Tessa Ann*

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Terra Dawn said...

Awww!!! Thank you so much for all of the beautiful comments!! I've actually moved to another blog recently, so it makes reading much more easy (and I think my sense of humor may have improved a little....lol).

I LOVE the buttons!!! I can't wait to start sending them to brides!!!

Thank you so much, Tessa Ann. You are BRILLIANT!!

rachiesplace.com said...

each creation is so incredibly stunning tessa ann! so excited to be a little part of your awesome endeavors!


hello. is was watching your etsy shop and a absolutely loved it! i here just to say , that are really nice button.
and im going star to follow your blog

SawoKecik said...

I love your buttons ... so pretty ... !!

Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

I ♥ your buttons!!! Besides paper crafting, I also do a lot of sewing & knitting and I'm always searching for adorable buttons like these!! I love the variety you offer and they are very unique!!

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