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Monday, May 17, 2010

Button and Blossom Braclet Tutorial!

Good Monday morning, creative friends! 
Today, creative team member, Rachel shares a quick and simple tutorial to create a colorful buttom and blossom bracelet! Rachel chose to work with our "Blustery Day" button collection for her project.
A stylish and colorful braclet perfect for adding that extra POW to a basic outfit!

What a cute accessory, right?!  Here is how you can make one too!


Collect some loose blossoms (the ones I used were old Making Memories), Tessa Ann's buttons, thread, baker's twine, and the material for the bracelet (this could be strips of vintage sheets, ribbons, lace, knit jersey, any scrap of fabric). I used a scrap of lace that was long enough to wrap around my wrist and tie a pretty bow.

I stacked up the blossoms and buttons to my liking and stitched them together with the baker's twine.

I tied the lace onto my wrist and then, using a little sticky, temporarily placed the blossoms on the lace. This way I knew exactly where the buttons and blossoms would be when I stitched them on permanently (I didn't want them to get caught up in the bow).

Finally, I stitched the blossoms onto the bracelet using thread and I was finished! So easy!

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Leslie Ashe said...

Oh how CUTE is THIS!! I want one! Great job Rachel! Your creation is fabulous!

Bridget said...

How fun, my girls are going to love that!

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