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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Still here :)

Hello!  Is anyone still here? (lol)

Yes, it has been ages since I've posted an update.  I'm still working away at my button business and it has taken over my world completely :)  

On a side note, I've gotten the itch to scrapbook again, but with my limited time now days, I've started dabbling in digital scrapbooking and I love it. 

Here is my 1st try. Yes, I have a lot to learn..so please be kind ;)

Well, keeping this post short and sweet. Just thought it was about time I checked in. I am missing blogging and having a place to "write" so I'll be back!

Tessa Ann

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Mireille said...

hey sweetie...
was checking you just now..
redesigned my scrapspace and put your pretty buttons in sight again
can hardly bring myself to use them.. I display them so I can look at them almost 24/7
how silly is that ey?
and then I thought.. I think I need more display items.. so I can maybe.. just maybe.. bring myself to actually use them O.o
argh.. silly stuff.. but woman.. you make the most beautiful buttons evah!!
and as I was watching your stuff in your shop I thought I had to leave you some love


ferrellgraph-x said...

So glad to see you back ;)
I just love your work. Truly amazing!
kind regards, jennifer

victoriaelizabethqoc said...

Wonderful job Tessa! I just completed my first ever scrapbook page too... digital. It got me thinking, are you considering making some digital button sets for embellishments?

Jaime Lynne said...

Missed you, T! I am glad to see some updates here. Your stuff inspires me. You inspire me.

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