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Monday, September 03, 2007

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Steve and I went to the coast to visit his family for the first part of the weekend. We had a nice time with them and shared quite a few laughs. I seriously thought my ab muscles would be sore the next day from laughing so hard. Steve and his sister Tiffany got in a very silly and revealing mood and started sharing stories of their past to their mom, that back then had promised they would never tell to their mom..ha! Though, she was a good sport and laughed along us hysterically, she had to be just a wee-bit shocked..lol :-)

I've had fun playing around with my paints this last month. I loved the kit I received from Crop Addict this month. The colors of the papers were cool and had great punches of red. Lately I've been trying new things with my style. I've always wanted to play around with paint, possibly even a 3D medium like a plaster or something. So, I've been trying this out. I used paint with both of these pages and love the slight "grungy" feel to them. I've also (yes, I am way behind this trend..haha!) the "Rain dots". Oh, wow. I just LOVE these great little additions. My scrapbook store has them in all sizes and colors. And, of course I had to buy one of each. So bad of me..lol! I bought the large ones with an idea to make them in to buttons. I simply used my smaller circle punch to a piece of paper I wanted to make for my button. I then applied the large "Rain Dot" and used my really tiny hole punch to punch two very small holes for my button holes. I used another large punch to create my flowers and used my scissors to cut small triangle shapes out around the circle...creating a flower-ish looking shape. I then inked the edges and crumpled it up to create a distressed feel. I added the button to center and hand drew a stem design on green card stock and attached that below the flowers. It was fun to make my own embellishment. Although..... I realize this technique has been around for a while and done so fabulously by the pro's, it was fun for me to finally play around with and try out :-)

I wish everyone a wonderful week! I always look forward to and appreciate hearing from you.

XOXOXO-----Tessa Ann Watte

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Aline said...

Good to hear you had a great weekend! And I love your layouts, the paint looks great. :) Have a great day!

Melita said...

Hey Tess! Sounds like a fun time this weekend. Eeck! I don't know if I want to know the secrets my kids will hide from me -- it must have been very shocking for Steve's mom! LOL!

Love the painting technique. I have wanted to do this too. I do use may paints often but usually just on the photos or chipboard.

Have a great week!

anokas said...

owoo.. these layouts are so beautiful!! I adore them!
kisses. Ana

Kelly Deal said...

Great lo's Tessa! They look awesome!

Jessica said...

Hi there. I just wanted to say your LO's are amazing!! Keep up the awesome work!

Kimberly said...

I so love those creations. So glad you had a great weekend too!

Gen said...

LOVE that kitty LO! Lovin the paint technique :)

Nura Keif said...

Those are totally gorgeous!!

Eminepala said...

gorgeous layouts tessa... Love me some PAINT ;)


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