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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hey everyone!
I hope you are all having a nice week so far. Here in Bend, Oregon we have had a big winter storm come through that perfectly blanketed our town in a lovely white snow. Steve measured the amount of snow yesterday on our deck area and it was around 8 inches. Yesterday, Steve went outside to see if he could build a snow man and boy did he! I think it was at least 6 feet.

Here are some pics of his creation!

The completed snow women! Isn't she purrdy ;)

Later that evening, a neighbor stopped by to "Thank" us for making the snow man. He said that it made him smile everytime he drove by. How sweet :)

Aside from enjoying the winter splendor. I have been doing awesome at my work out routine! I am proud that everyday I have put in at least 1 hour of cardio exercise. It feels SO wonderful. I have also put a huge control on my diet and am eating really healthy and that feels awesome too. Taking charge! I hope to have dropped some of this weight before I hit CHA with Tinkering Ink next month. eek. The pressure..lol! Cuz...I don't want to be reading about how overweight I am on that smack blog (it has already happened once and OUCH...even though it was true, it did sting a lot)

Anyhoo..... I have a new page to share, that I will add next post.

I think that's it for today!
Enjoy your day!
Hugs, Tessa Ann

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Davinie said...

Tessa! I have NO snow! None! Isn't that nuts! I'm not THAT far away.
Kudos to you for staying on top of your health. There are so many temptations all day, every day, that I admire anyone who can do that.
Have a great day! Davinie

Anonymous said...

Tessa, I just love the snowman Steve made and it's so nice that your neighbor stopped by to say "thank you". I'm very proud of you on your quest to be healthy. You go girl and just remember that you are beautiful on the inside and the outside. Don't ever let sad mean people get you down, just wish them some happiness.
Luv Ya Lots!

Suzie Webb said...

Hey Tessa!
Tell Steve, cute snow-girl....I really think HE should have had some mittens on though!! :) Your mom is so sweet, love her comments...

Robs said...

Quite a drastic change in weather from Daytona, huh?

Miss you!

Tracey said...

Ohhhh Tessa if I wasnt married Id ask for the snowmans number .. his rather cute !!! lol ..

My treadmill is gathering dust the last few days ... but Im happy to see that you are going well ... mind you what your mum said is spot-on !!!
I wonder what makes us worry so much about what others think that causes us to have so much self-doubt .. I guess it is the "mean" people ..
Anyway another Rambles ..
Enjoy the snow as I know how much you love it.


Hola Tessa, what a beautiful picsssss, I never come to the snowwwww :-8 and to see pics so, with snow and doing snow men, wowowowow , I like a lot! Kisses!

Baby's Got Scrap said...

Hey, I just found your blog through scrapbook.com (we're friends on there =) ) I've been thinking about what you said about your weight being commented on in another blog. I can only imagine how much that would hurt and I'm sorry that anyone said that to you!

Good luck with your goals to get healthier for YOU and not anyone else =)

hannakj said...

so cute snowman!!

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