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Monday, June 23, 2008

Creating so many things, but in a different way :)

Hello :)

Sorry I have been so scarce with my posts and they have been totally lack luster in pictures and inspiration. Gotta fix that, huh?!

I have been creating very few layouts lately, because I have been doing so many fun things for my Etsy shop...........which surprisingly is really taking off. When I started this fun little journey I had NO idea people would actually like what I made.

My LSS, where I work part time, Scrapbooking Outside The Box's owner Suzie Webb has kindly allowed me to merchandise my products at her store. They are resting adorabley next to the KI Memories new line Bloom. It's really fun that they whimsy frames, handmade buttons and flowers actually SELL! So cool :) The buttons and frames have been the most popular, as you can see I need to replace some of the flowers......um, those orange ones...no so popular...haha ;)

I worked all day at my LSS last Monday, so I thought I would take advantage of the down time between customers and create a few more goodies for both the sotre and my shop. Steve came by and thought he *needed* to take some pics of me creating my goodies ;)

(( disclaimer: Yes, this is not my best weight, but ah, well. We are all a work in progress, right?! I am what I am :) ))
Oh, yeah and I totally looks like I am getting ready to say something...haha :)
Here are some of my favorite goodies I make :) I love, love these fun, whimsy frames. They are the perfect size for framing a photo and perfectly dressing up a page in a funky way :) I handcut them and paint them and dot them by hand. I even added one of my handmade polymer clay buttons to the center of the flower.

These little yummy cupcakes were inspired by a custom order. I made a few extra and wanted to share them with you! Aren't they sweet!

These aqua/red/white jeweled buttons ARE by far my FAVORITE ones to date. I was totally just playing around with my clay and came up with these little gems. I have them up for sale in my shop right now, but I've got to tell ya.......these will be hard to part with. I just adore them :)


I have had the opportunity of being asked to be the guest designer for the fun new blog called, The Design Experiment. Last week Leah Fung was their guest designer......so as you can imagine this was quite an honor for me!

The challenge this week was about song lyrics. The prompt to be used as a Title and Subtitle was by the Supersonics called, Closing time. The lyric was: "Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginnings End." At first was like.............uh, what do I scrap about?!? Then I remembered I had a pic of me leaving on a plane to go on my honeymoon with Steve and thought that would be perfect for those lyrics.

Here is that page- (Yes, you totally need sunglasses to view this one *wink*)

My new HP photosmart scanner isn't working out so well. Because my layouts tend to be so thick, I can't get clear scans............so for this page I had to take a picture, and as you can see there was a glare. No matter what I tried, I just couldn't get it right.
If anyone has any ideas on how to take nice pictures of layouts, I would so appreciate the suggestions!
Well, I better wrap up this post.
I hope you have a wonderful week and are able to find time to create beautiful things!
Tessa Ann

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MandieGirl said...

I love the cupcakes....are they on your etsy? I would LOVE to get my hands on those for sure!!!

Jodi said...

HI Tessa! I've been creating with clay as well - isn't it fun?!

I'm wondering - do you buy different colored clays or do you use one neutral color (which) and then paint them?

If you buy diff. colors, which red do you use? I always have a tough time with baking red - it turns to maroon!

love your creations!

Jodi said...

ps - take your pictures by a bright window or outside. :)

Suzie Webb said...

You know, we had this conversation today about taking pics vs. scanning, etc.....there was a long post on 2peas about this very topic...and It hink I've tried every technique/trick...I've taped them to windows..., tried propped up outside....it's just hard not to get a glare...I've practically given up on scanning...
LOVE your new polymer's...can't to get some in thes tore :)
Great layout too :)
See you tomorrow night at 'Scrap Club' :)

dutchbird said...

This lay out is just beautiful! I love the colors and layering!

Jessica said...

Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi!" I received my flowers today and they are gorgeous! Thank you so much! I posted a link to your blog and etsy page on my blog--I hope you don't mind. That way all my readers (like 4 of them, LOL) can purchase your lovely goodies, if they want! Thanks again! Oh, and I love that LO! Those are my favorite colors together! And, how lucky are you--you get to sell your goodies next to some beautiful KI and Hambly at your LSS. Awesome!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hi Tessa Ann!

I love those whimsy frames! Stinkin' Cute!!!! And I agree the red/aqua buttons are fabulous!

Thanks for the flowers! They came in the mail today and they are so sweet!


Lisbet said...

Awake in the night and cannot sleep. Decided to get some inspiration for the week so I began to jump around on blogs to see if my eye can catch some new ways. I´m really happy that I came across your blog and I have stayed much longer then I should at your place. Thanks a million for all the inspiration.


Laurie said...

OH MY LAND! Your creations are sooo stinkin' cute!! Love those funky frames! Hope to see them in your Etsy shop again now that I've found you!

Sherri said...

I love what you do with polymer clay - you are so very talented!!!

and love the layout - I like the bright colors ~ great inspiration thanks :-)

kimosabescraps said...

congrats on the wonderful layout for the Design Experiment.... Love seeing your things next to the KI bloom... really gave me some ideas... now I may have to head over to your shop!! ;)

Great stuff... esp. love those cupcakes!


redmom said...

I love those new aqua/red/white buttons!! Wicked layout!

Erin Gudge said...

As always, I love your work!

My best tip is to take your layout outside, or since we both live in beautiful liquid sunshine Oregon, do it by a window. I take two pieces of white foam board. One I lay on the ground and place my layout on, the other I have at a right angle to reflect the light back down on the layout. Don't use a flash on your camera, I use Av settings on mine and use a low f-stop, but you can use the Macro or flower setting just as easily.

I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Your LSS seems like a great place. I love finding items that not everyone else will have. And orange, whats wrong with that, I love orange. (but I must say I've always hated up until 08.

I gave up on scanning a long time ago. I find it best to take a photo outside on the sidewalk around 10-11 am. Page flat and directly over top zoomed in a bit. Works best for me.

Cathy said...

Got my frame today, thanks

dutchbird said...

Hi Tessa,

I wanted to give you an award! check out my blog for details!


Lydia said...

You got some cute stuff!

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