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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Layouts using my Tessa Ann Originals Line YAY!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! One more day and it's Friday! I'm having to work full time at my office job filling in for the manager until the 22nd and I am so not used to these hours..lol. Plus. It's really boring. Grrr... Suzie....I miss ya! I'll be running back to work on the 23rd.

I am still working hard in my Etsy shop creating tons and tons of fun embellishments. Recently, I've had a few layouts shared with me using my product. It has been so neat to see my product in action. I thought it would be fun to share them here!

The first one I present to you is by the very talented Leslie Ashe. First off....look at all of that texture, Can we say GORGEOUS!?!! Leslie used my red/white polka dot buttons to adorn the center of her stars. You can see more of Leslie's work here on her amazing blog http://www.leslieashe.blogspot.com/ Thank you for sharing this, Leslie!

The next 2 layouts I present to you are by the sweetest, most creative, talented gal, Stephanie Garbett. Click on link to see more of her awe-inspiring work.

Stephanie used my frame and button embellishments perfectly in these most fabulous layouts of her adorable daughters:

I love the way Stephanie used the buttons in her title "Cool" what a fun idea!
Adorable photos, Stephanie and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations with me!

Well, I am running late this morning and need to get ready for work.

I hope you enjoyed these layouts by Stephanie and Leslie! If you have used my product and would like to share it here, please email me at tessaannwatte@gmail.com and I would LOVE to feature them!!!

Enjoy your day!

Tessa Ann

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Suzie Webb said...

Hi Tessa...yep, I'm missing you too...and my few mornings a week :) I saw one of your flowers on a page from the kit you supplied, it was on 2peas. When do I see you again? I don't know what I'm going to do Mon...it's hospital day...YIKES!!!

Kelly Goree said...

Congratulations, Tessa! How exciting! Very cool stuff :D

Anonymous said...

Tessa, these pages are so cool!!! I just got my stuff and can't wait to play! Congrats on such cool goodies!!!!!!

Jill Deiling said...

WOW i love your cool embellishments!! i didnt even know that you made them, i seriously need to link your blog to mine so i can go to it every day, hehe. i cant wait to buy some of your stuff!! those layouts are awesome!

Leslie Ashe said...

Hi Tessa!!
You are so creative, so fun and just all out the SWEETEST girl ever! I'm so appreciative of you for adding my layout! What an HONOR to be here on your blog! :)
You know what a BIG fan I am of yours! :) HUGS and have a happy day! Thanks again!

Cathy said...

Your frames are so cool. I loved mine and will order in the future. I changed my mind about the intended photo so Im sorry but I painted it orange. Check it out.


Tessa said...

Hi! I discovered your blog from another blog. I have to check out anyone with the same name as me!

Karen Spears said...

Hi Tessa! It's been a while! What cool embellishments! Congrats!!

~Nancy~ said...

Ooww girlie.. I'm so excited for you to see your gorgeous products popping up everywhere!!!! Those frames really ROCK!!!! Hope you're hangin'in there working these long days!!! Hugs Nancy

Julie Duncan said...

WOW Tessa, I had no idea that you were putting out your own line. It looks awesome. I love your layouts,and your friends.

Kristine Davidson said...

hi Sweets! You must be working hard... I am glad all is well and congrats on the new venture!

I just tagged you ... come see my blog for more info!

hugs to you !!!

Sweet Marie said...

Hey your blog is fabulous. You are a very creative and talented girl. You are now on my weekly blog tour !!!

ania said...

How cute stuff, congrats Tessa!! Loved that black flower in your etsy, so seriously cool! Hope everything is fine with you and thta you have had a great summer - hugs :)

LoRi said...

Wow! Great products and layouts! Leslie ROCKS! Thanks for the inspiration!

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