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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear family and in-laws....

I am creating this post to address some concern regarding my September 30th post about the stock market.

It made me sad to hear today that some of our family members who I didn't know read this blog thought we were having financial difficulties.......

That's so far from what I was trying to say. Steve and I have been really smart about our financial decisions and thank god we have..... We are doing better than well and have everything we need. No credit card debit, we own our cars, we have a beautiful home and lifestyle......we are doing just fine :)

In lieu of this topic I thought I'd write OUR top 10 things that WE'RE grateful for in no particular order:
1.) Good Health
2.) No Debt
3.) Loving family
4.) Warm stable home
5.) Secure jobs
6.) Ability to work from home
7.) A strong marriage
8.) Enjoying life each day in our new town.... LIFE *is* good.
9.) Jamba Juice..haha...we had to say that *wink*
10.) Our fur babies :)

Have a wonderful Sunday....we are!
Steve and Tessa

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