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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Holiday Collection and I have a GIVE AWAY!

It's been a while since I've had a GIVE AWAY on my blog, and since I have some great goodies that I'd love to share with YOU, I thought I would do a give away with this post! Guess how many buttons are in my jar, and the winner will receive a set of buttons of YOUR choice in my Etsy shop!
Yeah, these buttons took hours to count..haha. Steve took half and I took the rest and sorted and counted. They are now sorted by color and so much easier to access.

So leave your guess in the comments section and Friday I will post the actual number of buttons and who the winner is! Please leave your email address as well, so I can get in contact with you.

I have been adding quite a few holiday items to my Etsy shop that I just love :) Today I finished a set of felt hand stitched flowers that I have available in my shop. These were SO fun to create. I have to admit my fingers are quite sore as I type this..haha. I think these would be gorgeous on holiday layouts, cards, gift bags, your presents or even as a Christmas time pin. Pretty much anything!

Another new additon to my little Etsy shop is these "ity bity" buttons. My buttons are usually about 1 inch and these are about 1/2 inch and so CUTE :)

This set of embellishments I really enjoyed making. All the tiny details were fun to create and are going to be perfect for cards, layouts and mini books.

Here are a couple more sets I created as well.....

Well, I better get back to work. I have 150 of these to make :)

I hope you have a great week!! And...I look forward to seeing your guesses ;)

Tessa Ann

25 Want to leave me a comment?:

Kirsten N said...

Love your candy cane buttons :) My guess is 777 buttons in the jar!!

Ali Russell said...

my guess is....954
Hey chook...
I need to email you shortly...the book is in progress again, but much closer now...we have sponsors!!
Will flick you an email in the coming weeks...lots happening here with selling the shoppe!
Ali x

Jodi said...

1054 is my guess

Love your creations!!!

Elisha Drewery said...

Your new buttons and flowers are sooo cute! I am going to guess 1207! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

my guess ing way less.. like 789.....

love love love your embellies.. off to buy some!

Alycia Sanders said...

Wow, what gorgeous new EVERYTHING!

1469 is my guess!

Rene' Sharp said...

My guess is 999 Tessa. Hope I am close! My e-mail address is renesharp@telkomsa.net. Love all the latest goodies you have created, you must have been SO busy!

JET Bags said...

My guess is 820! That had to be fun to count--LOL! Have a Happy Halloween.
Email is jilpil@mchsi.com

Amy said...

I'm guessing 1349 - just sounds good! Love all the buttons you've created!

Kristine Davidson said...

Hey Tess!

Happy Halloween to you ...
I am guessing .... 2956!!!


Jill Deiling said...

i looove your new holiday creations, wow!!

my guess is.... 1309! :)

synesthetick said...

happy halloween! i'm guessing... 2100.

Jennifer said...

I say 1638 :-)

productsoftheday at gmail dot com

smilemonsters said...

Mmmmm 607 is my final answer. :)


Christine said...

I'm going to guess 801!

htgorgeous [AT] gmail [DOT] com

B.B. Bellezza said...

My guess is 2,244!

It seems a little high, now that I have seen everyone else's guesses...but I am sticking to it!

B.B. Bellezza

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

I'm guessing 2356? haha

Capree said...

1359 buttons!

peezeth @ gmail . com

Jen said...

4,010! I'm going all out with this guess!!! What a cute shop!
-10oneworld on etsy

adele hartlep said...

is it like the price is right can i guess 0 hehe.....i think about 862..

great buttons in your shoppe

almost forgot my contact info

w said...

how fun!

i guess 542 buttons.

i came to that number by sitting here and counting all the buttons visible in the picture. then, i multiplied that number by 4. then, i divided that number by 7. then, i added twice the square root of that number. then, multiplied by 2.75. and after that, i added 12. then i took the number i got, threw it in the trash, and guessed 542.

thanks for hosting this fun giveaway!

wendiwinn on etsy

Terri said...

I'm going with 1213!! Good luck to me!

Lisa-Kate said...

Hey, how are you :) So glad to find your blog :) I guess 876!

kimosabescraps said...

ooo those holiday ones are so so cute.. I love those swirly red white buttons!!! adorable!

The guess for me is 5000! why not guess high, right?! lol

phamil said...

Hey Tessa!!! My guess is 1503!!!! Love your new goodies!!!!

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