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Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, the button factory is busy, busy already this morning.....60 sets of Buttons are baking in the oven to sweet perfection, as I type this update!

* Subscribers-- Your April Buttons Of The Month were all shipped out on Monday! You will be receiving your pretty packages soon!

* For the month of May we have a very special guest designer....MODISH PRINCESS! You may have noticed in my side bar, I have been working with a very talented children's clothing designer to create custom buttons and appliques for her lines. I will be showcasing her designs starting the 1st week of May and throughout the Month. Modish Princess will be hosting a giveaway here as well! Stop by the 2nd week of May to see what you could win for your little princess! Be sure to share with your friends. This is going to be an awesome giveaway!

Well, this is totally off topic.......a cute, but rather *pathetic* pic of Duffy..... He was shivering madly this morning after his bath. I did my best to dry him with my hair dryer..hehe....but the poor guy continued to shiver.

Yes. You see it. I broke out the heating pad and goosedown blanket. AND. his hoodie..

Alas...he was warm. I told you it was a cute/pathetic kind of photo ;)

Have a wonderful day!

:) ---Tessa Ann*

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Rosena said...

OMG! He is sodarn adorable! Just be careful (wet dog + electicity) oh my! He's probably more in shock and pity than cold! LOL!
Gotta Luv Ya!

jessicawoodford said...

Oh Tessa! You're such a great little doggie owner....and a fabulous "mommy"!! LOL! :) I bet he loves his new home!

Zelandi said...

I am from Brazil and always see your blog. It's wonderfull.

Lisa said...

I'm so happy to have stumbled across your products. They are truly one of a kind & I can't wait to incorporate the buttons into my projects.
I love finding people with unique talents!
Lisa Janzen

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