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Monday, March 29, 2010

New ideas!

Hello!  I hope everyone had a great weekend. Friday night we to see Cash Levy at The Tower Theater. Cash is a comedian and totally hilarious. He was actually in Bend to film his tv special. We ended up sitting in the section where he talks to the audience. Steve had a camera less than 3 inches from his face, and I was sitting right next to him. Oy. That was uncomfortable..ha!  But, his routine was HILARIOUS. I love comedians that base their jokes around everyday life and he does this so well. He even opened the show with jokes about Bend and his experiences visiting here. He was spot-on.lol. We do have a Dutch Brother's at every intersection and we are a total earthy,organic, beer drinking, bike riding town :) Haha!. His jokes were great and I had a wonderful time.

The Button Shop has been very busy this month, especially with custom orders. A lot of the knitting community has found our buttons and we have been having a blast working with designers to create custom buttons to match yarn colorways. We have created marbled buttons that are in the same colors of the yarn. We have created super cute tiny 1/2" buttons with little pears on them for an infant sweater and on and on. We have about 20 custom orders going at any given time of the month and squeeze in a few rush custom orders when possible. Custom orders are so inspiring. I love bringing someone's idea to life and seeing it come together with their project.  I am loving creating buttons to match fabrics from  Michael Miller Fabrics for my customers sewing projects. The patterns and designs are so adorable and such a great match for my buttons!    

Don't think I am not going to just talk about all of my buttons and not share pictures :-D  Have a great night!  Thanks for stopping by :-)

PS: (These little buttons are a new idea for the shop. They are a tiny 1/4" size and we thought they would be adorable in these tiny little bottles. This has us thinking up all other ways to store and showcase buttons!

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Jennifer Priest said...

OMG I love them all--your photos and the way you've paired them with the inspiration pieces ROCKS!! Love it. I have been hoarding the buttons I've purchased from you ;)

rachel said...

wow...these are truly amazing. the detail just blows me away!


Penny B. said...

Holy crap!! Your work just blows me away! I also LOVE the way you showcased them along with the inspirations.

Anonymous said...

Are your buttons ceramic and fired? Thanks, Shirley


MishaLee said...

so close to being able to share with you what i'm doing with the adorable gnomeville buttons and fabric...eek!

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